Feds to Criminally Charge Hunter Biden after Pedophile Code Words Found on Laptop – News Punch

The Department of Justice is preparing to criminally charge Hunter Biden following a series of bombshell revelations about his ‘Laptop from Hell’ that have been too disturbing to ignore.
— Read on newspunch.com/feds-to-criminally-charge-hunter-biden-after-pedophile-code-words-found-on-laptop/

We also have reports that Kamala Harris is receiving briefings on her taking power in case Joe can’t go anymore. Because you got to get to go before you can get going…

Steve at Israeli news live just put out a video on this subject. My question is this…is Joe really that sick or is this probe going to implicate him as well?

Of course all of this is going on just as the USA faces war with China, Russia and Iran. Interesting times indeed.


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