Mike Stone has lost faith in people (and so have I)

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off
By Mike Stone(henrymakow.com)

Do you believe that crisis reveals character? 

If so, how would you judge the character of your family, friends, and co-workers over the last two years?

Did they recognize the virus hoax for what it was – a hoax?

Or did they sit like drooling retards in front of the boob tube – as my family and friends did – and believe every lie they were told?

Did they spit in the eye of the airlines and all of the other hoax and jab-pushing corporations by refusing to fly, by refusing to buy their products and services, by refusing to watch their Hollywood filth?

Or did they make zero sacrifices in a time of war – as my family and friends did – and continue to patronize and financially support the very people and corporations that want to see them dead, buried, and replaced?

Did they recognize the stolen 2020 election as a sham and high treason? Or did they dutifully go along with what they were told – as my family and friends did – and accept the bogus results?
Did they refuse the jab? Or did they cave under pressure – as my family and friends did – and voluntarily allow themselves to be injected with an untested and unsafe “vaccine”?

All of my life I’ve been witness to idiotic behavior, from people my own age when I was younger, to fellow adults as I grew older. Never, in all that time, have I seen such utterly stupid, cowardly, and treasonous behavior as I have these last two years. My faith and respect for the human race has literally plummeted to zero. It would be below zero, if that were possible.

For over two years, almost everyone on earth has, without any evidence, believed in the existence of a virtually non-existent virus. They refused to face facts, refused to apply any type of common sense or logic. As a result, they have submitted to the worst type of treasonous behavior imaginable.

One of my friends who bragged for years about how patriotic he was, always voting Republican and always ready to fight for his country, was one of the first to cave. He bought one of those stupid plastic face shields and proceeded to wear it everywhere. He looked like a Martian.

“You don’t need it,” I told him. “It’s all fake.”

“Oh, no, it’s real,” he insisted. And then parroting his favorite “conservative” spokesman, he added, “It’s a Chinese virus. The Democrats are behind it.”

He refused to stop flying, refused to cancel his Hollywood streaming services, refused to make even the slightest sacrifice in order to combat the lie that was staring him right in the face. By providing financial support to the very airlines and corporations that were pushing the virus hoax – and still are – he fit the very definition of collaborating with the enemy.


There were plenty of more people just like him – people who have spent their entire life bragging about their guns, their American values, and how no one would ever take their freedom away. Such big bad-asses, they turned out to be the first ones to cower and give in, to surrender without a single shot being fired. Aside from some brave truckers here and in Canada, people surrendered en masse like sniveling cowards.

Did your family, friends, and co-workers call the police every time they heard their neighbor sneeze? Many people did just that.

Did they criticize or call the police on others for not wearing masks? Many people did that too.
Did they ostracize you and others for not complying with the hoax? Many people literally cut ties with their own families, refusing to let grandparents see their grandchildren, for example, over a non-existent threat.
Were any of your family, friends, or co-workers members of the establishment – law enforcement officers, nurses, or medical professionals – that played a vital role in pushing the hoax and/or punishing those who refused to go along? Roughly 40% of the population actually pushed for more lockdowns and more persecution, including forced vaccination for the entire population.

Almost everyone I know, and certainly almost every one of my friends and family members, fits one of the above categories. Thus, I’ve come to the conclusion that Americans are simply too stupid and too cowardly to deserve freedom. The hoax pushers apparently agree. Heck, they’ve been aware of it for a long time.
It’s hard to put into words just how demoralizing this is. To have seen with your own eyes the true character of people that you’ve known all your life; people whose intelligence and bravery you always took for granted, completely capitulate to the enemy. And now, with the hoax being put aside to make room for the Russia/Ukraine conflict, all the carnage of the last two years will soon be forgotten.

Dude, Let’s Party!
The capacity of the average American to forego thoughts of human tragedy, to ignore issues of consequence – issues which affect the lives of millions of others – in favor of their own petty self-interests is simply astounding. It happened at 9/11. Do you remember that? Many people said at the time, and I was one of them, “Nothing is the same after this.”
We were wrong. 
Within a matter of weeks, everything was the same. The dead were forgotten and the entire American population was back to shopping, back to movies and music, back to celebrity gossip. 

Today nobody cares about 9/11. Mention 9/11 in present day conversation and nobody wants to talk about it. Provide someone with facts, evidence, and solid proof of what actually happened that day and who was behind it, and most people will literally run away from you. Others will shrug and say, “Dude, that was twenty years ago. Let it go.” As if the events of that day have absolutely nothing to do with what’s going on now and what has been going on for the last twenty years.

The virus hoax is no different. Try talking logic to people. Try stirring their interest in the millions who were injured, crippled, and killed by the hoax pushers and no one will respond to you. They have no interest in the topic. They want to visit Disneyland and Las Vegas. They want to watch porn, Hollywood movies, and Netflix. They want life to go back to “normal,” never realizing that their version of normal is a life headed straight for hell.
Talk about a wake up call. These last two years have been the most sobering of my life. I now know why God destroyed the world through a flood; why he rained fire and brimstone on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The mass of people have shown by their behavior that they are undeserving of Heaven. 

Along with the disgust I feel has come a revelation that I have absolutely nothing in common with 99.99% of the entire human race. It’s like I’m living on a different planet; inhabiting a different world, a different reality.
Do you believe that crisis reveals character?

How would you judge the character of your family, friends, and co-workers over the last two years?

Johnny’s Commentary

Well I know how I will answer the last 2 questions so here we go. First of all YES, I do believe crisis reveals character and you will quickly discover who the cowards are when the shtf so for me the last 2 years have been a test run of sorts. It allowed me to quickly see who bought the BS and who didn’t, who will comply no matter what and who won’t. In most cases I didn’t like what I found.

I saw coworkers turn on one another as one turned on me for coming into the store without a mask. I mean a TOTAL FREAKOUT! I saw the mask mandates turn people into psychopaths as they became “mask nazis” and screamed at people for not wearing them. I read about the hotlines to turn in your neighbors for having too many people over and on and on it went. Then the vaccines began.

How would I judge the character of my family, friends and co-workers? Well I don’t have co-workers anymore but when I did 80% of them bought the BS.

As for family I don’t have any except for my wife, our neighbor Kim and all of our critters. The rest of my “family” turned away from me shortly after all of this began in 2020. What’s worse is that they all bought into the BS and wore the masks and ripped on me for calling out the BS. My adult daughter who is 36 years old with a Masters in psychology bought into the entire thing hook, line and sinker. My adult son didn’t really buy into it but he goes along to get along. Neither one of them wants anything to do with me at this point as I have called them out on getting the vax, living in rebellion to God etc.

In the 11 years that I have been broadcasting and blogging neither one has ever payed any attention to it. They just think dad is nuts and that everything will be fine soon. Any time I call them out on their BS they want to throw a one year period where I didn’t see them in my face. That was in 1995 and my ex wife refused to let me see them as we were fighting over custody and support. For all of their education they sure didn’t learn a darn thing except how to take tests and comply with the system.

Now that they’ve taken the vax/mark, their fates are sealed. All I can do at this point is pray. This quote from the article above stood out to me.

Talk about a wake up call. These last two years have been the most sobering of my life. I now know why God destroyed the world through a flood; why he rained fire and brimstone on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The mass of people have shown by their behavior that they are undeserving of Heaven. 

Yes indeed, the last 2 years have been a GIANT wake up call! Jesus said that during these times a mans enemies would be those of his own household, Matt 10:36. Boy how right He was and it’s really hard to take when it happens to you and yes I know I’m not alone in feeling this way.

That’s when I realized that I do have a family, it’s my heavenly family of fellow believers in Jesus Christ! Remember what He said when He was told his mother and brothers were wanting to see Him?

46 While he was still speaking to the people, behold, his mother and his brothers stood outside, asking to speak to him. 48 But he replied to the man who told him, “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?” 49 And stretching out his hand toward his disciples, he said, “Here are my mother and my brothers! 50 For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”

While I don’t agree with the article above when it comes to politics, most of it is spot on!

Thank you all for the encouragement but I have already done my mourning. I stand in prayer with all of you who have lost family, friends, jobs and more during this horrible time. God bless you all and stand firm!

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  • Its a rough lonely road ahead for now till after the time of the AC and the survivors come back to God. Thank you and God Bless

  • Guy should get out of LA. Stay out of the blue cities. The less educated rural folk mostly knew it was all bullshit and didn’t comply. That is what I saw at least. Life largely went on as normal.

  • Don’t be discouraged! It says in the bible people would have there hearts hardened and they would believe the lie… and be deceived. So don’t give up! Your doing a great job!

  • I just posted on off grid desert farming about how I screamed to my boys 6 of them, I screamed at my siblings nobody listened I screamed at my friends yet nobody listened. I posted in thousands of comment section and heard begley , all the other FP say it’s not. Only my wife and brother didn’t get it and they are close because they get tired of not fitting in. Can you see why hal turner fought with his wife because she don’t believe like him. Can you see now how soon “VERY SOON” THE WORLD WILL BE CHASEING US? THOSE YOU LOVE WILL BE THE FIRST TO GIVE YOU UP! I SPEND HOURS THINKING PRAYING FOR STRENGTH TO MAKE IT TO THE END. ARE YOU READY TO GRAB WHAT YOU CAN CARRY AND DISAPPEAR? SOON YOU WILL BE MADE TO DECIDE GOD OR FAMILY WHERE ARE YOU?

  • This is Reality Indeed brother 💯❤️🙏👍

  • HI Johnny. thanks for your honesty with regards to family relationships broken. I don’ understand why God has revealed to some and not others where we are in time or what is to come.
    I also have 3 children that went along with the mark (with approval of my ex wife) but have 1 loyal son who seems to have Godly wisdom. It breaks my heart. All I can do is pray.
    Jesus is coming soon!

  • Good article. I was reborn in April of 2020, I worked for Pfizer for 20 years( I was their lead Sr. Refrigeration Mechanic) and in December 2019 knew we would be making a vaccine, it all seemed normal to me, until March of 2020 and we started getting in equipment that would be impossible without being pre-planned, this is when I began waking up and then BAM Jesus saved me. My wife thank the Good Lord woke up right around the same time(She was management at Pfizer) We both walked away from good careers, God has more than provided abundantly for us.

    I reached out to MANY people when I figured out what was up, and only one person got back with me. Mind you most of the people I reached out to and as you should know are just about views and money, a lot of them are new agers as well. Anthony Patch is the only person that got back with me, if you guys do not know who he is, I urge you to go to his website anythonypatch.com and read his magazine or listen to his livestreams.

    I told both of my sons and daughter in law in the summer of 2020 what was coming and that it was the MOB, they did not want to hear any of it and when the vaccine was available they took it. It is just down to my wife and I, but we are now focused on God and what we can do for him in these last days.

    God Bless

  • Kathleen Bluitt

    “The mass of people have shown by their behavior that they are undeserving of heaven.” We are ALL undeserving of heaven, including Mike Stone (Ephesians 2:8-9). Heaven is a free gift of God that we cannot earn or deserve. Only made possible by the amazing grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ and His incredible sacrifice for us.

    I also thank God for opening my eyes to the truth of what’s going on in this world. Until about 7 years ago, I too, used to watch TV and believed what I saw on the nightly news. I think the case is probably the same for most all who now consider themselves truthers. While I would never put my family before God, I continue to pray that He will save them and lead them into all truth. I myself was once blind, but now I see.

  • FYEO:

    News much appreciated, as is thy zeal. But I have a take, too. Placebo batches were made and disseminated to bolster the “harmless” narrative. Elites got a different cup of tea than we, or more of them would be messed up. Also, there’s that verse in Mark about poisoning attempts. Paul shook the serpent off and bbq’d it. This has been a giant comb sweeping through, but not the final form. There are Rubicons yet to cross before Rev 13 hits the bricks.

    The biggest one is, “He causeth ALL . . .”.
    Another is the angelic herald who warns all the Earth. You and I already know from our Bibles, so who’s the target audience of this universal warning?

    There’s no denying we are in the ramp up. And the Sign most often cited by Christ in Matthew 24, -deception- is a thick fog around us. But the final stages will feature a loss of innocence I haven’t seen yet in many victims of this plot. Many are only now wising up. The normalcy bias tripped them up at first. For this and other reasons, this is not the season for pulling up the “tares”, lest we root up the wheat with them. (In my opinion)

    I’m not smart enough to think this note should be posted publicly. I just wanted to exhort caution with regard to our language when talking about other believers. Romans 14 is still in effect as of this writing.

  • Brother,
    I have you to Thank for My Children Listening to Me About The V💉x!!
    My heart Breaks for you As a Father!
    Just Know that you helped Me Save my Children from All the BS in the World 🌍
    I Can’t Thank you Enough!!!!
    The War For the Minds is So Very Very Real
    Once the Mind has been Hard Wired to the Global
    Social Agenda…..
    I believe that the heart ( Soul ) ,… Becomes Unreachable …
    This is the Worst Fear of a Parent
    I’ve Read this Article about 4 times Now because I have Needed to Understand how Broken hearted Parents Must feel
    Thank You for your Testimony of your Own Family!!
    You are a True Soldier for the Lord Jesus Christ
    And the Truth Indeed 💯
    We haven’t Walked in your shoes 👟
    But I hope and Pray that you know that you’re Not Alone!!
    In Times like these…
    We All Need Each Other
    God bless you and Give you Strength
    Deepest Regards brother 💯❤️ 🙏👍

  • Lyubomyr Ivasiv

    The people are so busy being “of the world”, they don’t have the time to hear anything that shatters their perceived reality of living their best life now – cognitive dissonance they say. I’ve Emailed 30+ my closest people not to take the poison shot, who I’ve either known all my life or at least 20 years & not one reply, not even a “hey you’re crazy but thanks for the heads up”. My own family threw me in the trash as they praised how amazing Trump was/is. I’ve come to realize 99% of people are completely sold to $ & the television, even my own mother watched me die via depression locked away for 2 years in a room, while she partied in Atlantic City gambling every chance she had. The church shuffled buses of old people every Sunday to Atlantic City to gamble, what would you expect from a Catholic Church, the 1st Beast of the Sea!

    I had a traumatic period about 10 years ago, where everybody abandoned me & left me for dead. I grew up in NYC with what I thought were hundreds of friends & a good group of close friends. It was a shock to realize these “friends” were nothing but, who will abandon you for any reason, friends while things are good. I feel sorry for them when Yah’s judgement comes & things will be tough, they will all learn simultaneously what POS people they actually are. I realized there was nothing left for me in NYC & I moved back home to L’viv, Ukraine. Thought I’d keep a low key there, find love & enjoy the simple things. A few years in the war started, I left NYC for calmer seas but the chaos followed me! So I’ve been well alone & isolated from most way before this fake Pandemic hit. However, I still reached out out of love despite they all betrayed me, trying to follow Yahshua’s example of loving even your enemies. No matter how much they hurt me, I didn’t wish them to take this poison & suffer. I kinda expected them all to ignore me, I guess I’ll be the crazy guy that told them so.

    Just to drive the point home how bad the cognitive dissonance is, since I barely know anyone here, I got onto Tinder. Certainly not a place to find a God fearing lady who wants to hear the truth but I figured at least 1% have potential. So I made a profile stating what’s really going on in the world & that I was looking for someone who wanted to know God & what was truly going on in the world. I’ve been looking for 5+ years & not a single one. Hundreds of matches & dozens of meet ups, nothing worth seeing again. Just dumb spoiled girls who can’t wait to get vaccinated because they love “traveling”. Frankly I’m shocked at what state humanity is in, I can’t find a SINGLE person to share the truth I know about the world & God. I’ve come to realize just how alone Yahshua felt while he was on his path to the cross, the Apostles couldn’t even stay up to be vigilant before his arrest.

    Most don’t have the eyes to see it but we are SOOO close to the end. I too now fully understand why Yah drowned the whole world & destroyed whole cities/peoples. Our God’s patience is beyond understanding, Im astounded to what degree he has tolerated & allowed people to sin, just so they have a chance to repent. That’s love.

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