Khamenei adviser says Tehran ‘capable of building nuclear bomb’ – The Jerusalem Post

Tehran will also directly respond against Israel should its security be targeted, the report says citing the advisor.
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A huge war is coming to the Middle East including Israel. Iran already has nuclear weapons and now this article tells us that they’re ready to use them.

Here is the article from May of 1992 that talks about the nuclear weapons deal Iran made back then.

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  • You know what I find fascinating is the more real and in your face these events become the more disconnected and disbelieving the muggles and muggle preppers become. Its strange to see prepper channels even changing. Always makes me wonder if they were LARP’ing or if they found that they want more YT money and to sell more products if when it gets real they pull back and act like its not all about to end. Which is pretty much what I have seen for the past ten years in any business model online where they are trying to sell you something. They dont want you to think its going to end because then you wont part with your money.

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