New Study: Natural Immunity Lasts Forever, the Fully Vaccinated are Getting Aids…

Now the New England Journal of Medicine has released a new study showing us how dangerous these gene therapy jabs truly are as those who have been fully vaccinated aren’t able to fight anything off! Here is a little more on that from Natural News.

Researchers in Qatar looked at data from the Qatari National digital-health information platform, which covers the country’s entire population. Nearly 90 percent of the country is expatriates from over 150 countries, so the data is expansive.

They determined from this data that everyone in the country who tested “positive” for covid and later recovered still has the same amount of immunity to the disease. Not even one percent of their natural immunity waned.

Conversely, everyone in the country who took the jabs like Tony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky told them to is now in a developing state of immune degradation. Over time, the “fully vaccinated,” as they call them, are losing their ability to fight off any kind of disease, including covid.

The paper in its entirety is available for viewing and analysis in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).

“So natural immunity provides non waning 97.3% long term protection against severe, critical or fatal infection for at least 14 months and by extrapolation – indefinitely,” reported Exposé News, which analyzed the findings.

“Whereas mRNA vaccine immunity wanes to 55.6% at some time after 7 months. Perhaps around 12 months?”

Here is my video report on this subject and much more news we can’t speak about anywhere else.

The Vax/Mark will be mandatory everywhere soon!

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