The New Streetlights are Weaponized

You need to check out this video I found on telegram! The new streetlights are bathing us in radiation!

This is one of the main reasons we’ve all been feeling lethargic and flu like symptoms! I’m going to have to find a meter and do some scanning around here.


  • Yep 👍 Exactly Right Brother 💯
    I’ve Seen Many Other people Measuring these!!!
    Healthy Dose of Pretty Lights….. Should make Everyone Question Everything

  • robert w guthrie

    This is absolutely disgusting and despicable. The authorities are truly in league with Satan. Again, where is informed consent? Shame on these monsters. People are waking up. Jesus Christ, Son of the One True God of the Holy Bible is coming again soon to rescue. YBIC

  • I have one of those meters, it’s a good meter for ‘go-no-go’ presence of high levels of RF up to 10GHz as well as EM fields. I think the fellow in the video may be measuring the electromagnetic field around the 220V wall receptacle that he walks up to near the window of his home as it’s on the V/m setting (Google the unit, it’s for EM). The unit is a GQ EMF-390.

    • I’ve Seen Other People With a Meter that Measures the Radiation, Em, UV Measurements
      One guy has Done Live Streaming and Went to Highways, On/Off Ramps, City and Counties
      And Showed the Radiation Readings All the way up to the Light Poles and He was Exposing the True Readings and his channel was taken down because he Actually Named the Single Corporation Who is making these, Distributing these, …
      The Readings were Off the Charts Around the lights

      The ” Government Contract was Given to Only One Corporation and it’s here in the States!!

      He Was Literally Targeted for Telling the Truth about these lights!!!

      If I Can Find Where he is On the internet I will add a link to his Story….

      These are even being Sold to Other Countries for Mandatory Instillation ..

      I believe that this Rabbit Hole Runs Deeper than We Realize

      This World is So Evil ,….

      Question Everything is My Advice
      “”” Especially if they’re Calling it a Conspiracy “””

      That’s a Big Red Flag
      To look into it!!;

      Thank You brother for All your hard work and diligence and Commitment to The Truth 💯❤️🙏

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