California police discover underground bunker full of stolen goods in homeless encampment | Fox News

A homeless encampment in San Jose contained an elaborate underground bunker with thousands of dollars in stolen goods, including power tools and three shotguns.
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The homeless are arming themselves and getting ready for war. These people have nothing to lose and they’re coming for your stuff. Meanwhile the government wants to take your guns. It’s pure evil.


  • oh yeah going to be one heck of a mad max scenario here in the coming year

  • While traveling the country last year we met mostly homeless from Klamath falls Oregon to Bismark north Dakota to Florida I promise you one thing for sure when SHTF you want these guys in your group. The thefts are bad when you ask how they planed to protect themselves they say I need one shot? That’s to kill you and take what you have. I don’t agree but this is the mind set these people have this is why I tell everyone if you don’t have an army your off the grid old McDonald’s farm will be hit first they may be homeless but these people survive daily with everyone wanting what’s theirs.

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