Moscow ends all operation of the Jewish Agency in Russia — Puppet Masters —

Russia instructs the Jewish Agency to halt all operations amidst mounting anger towards “Israel”, its stance towards Ukraine and its aggressions in Syria. The Jewish Agency has been instructed by the Russian government to stop all operations…
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Well now this is interesting.


  • That is indeed VERY interesting, and according to Bible prophecy in Ezekiel 38. Scripture says “Rosh”, modern day Russia according to ancient maps which show “Rosh” will attack lsraeI in the last days, from the north, along with its Middle Eastern allies, Libya, Turkey (Meshach & Tubal),Ethiopia, & Iran (Persia), which is supported by Daniel’s description of the invading armies, Daniel 11:5-35. Both Ezekiel and Daniel describe the invasion as coming from the far north, led by Russia and Turkey, and joined by the other nations in Ezekiel 38. They attack lsraeI to steal its resources, to take a “booty”. Interestingly, the Middle Eastern nations who have allied themselves with lsraeI since the Abrahamic Accord was agreed upon, they do not join the invading armies, but instead ask why they are attacking lsraeI. What’s even more interesting is the scriptures say the bodies of those kiIIed in the invasion won’t be removed for 7 months, which suggests a nuclear attack. Both Putin and Iran have threatened to use nuclear weapons recently, Iran against lsraeI, and Putin’s threat was towards America and Europe, but his threat could be equally against lsraeI if they have angered him. Anyhow, the invading armies are utterly destroyed because YHVH in Christ enters the battlefield on behalf of lsraeI, so the invaders don’t get their “booty” after all, only the fiery wrath of Almighty YHVH. I don’t know if you know about it, but about 1-2 yrs ago, lsraeI found a huge supply of oil, and they began repairing a pipeline that they had made with Iran after the war in the 60’s that they won, and Saudi Arabia was making plans to use the pipeline lsraeI was repairing, which will hurt Russia’s economy tremendously if the Saudis start collaborating with lsraeI to use their pipeline instead of Russia, because it’s cheaper for them. It sure is funny how Jesus keeps fulfilling Bible prophecy around lsraeI and Jerusalem, when so many people deny the nation of lsraeI is the descendants of Jacob. I guess they think Jesus Christ has amnesia, as His Word is being fulfilled around the wrong nation according to them. Just because lsraeI still has the Pharisees running it doesn’t mean it’s not filled with the descendants of Jacob, because they are still under the blindness Christ put upon them when they rejected Him in His triumphant entry into Jerusalem upon a donkey, fulfilling another Messianic prophecy. Scripture says “not all of lsraeI is lsraeI, because lsraeI wasn’t elected for salvation (as the fake black Hebrew Israelites believe), but lsraeI was elected to turn the Gentiles from idolatry to worshipping the one true living God, Jehovah who is incarnate in Christ. But, we know how that turned out, if we know the scriptures. Scripture says 2/3 of lsraeI is slain, and only a remnant who haven’t bowed to BaaI will be saved. Jesus Christ will NOT return until the Jews fulfill Hosea 5:15, acknowledging their offense, saying “blessed is He who comes in the name of YHVH”. Anyone who thinks YHVH is finished with lsraeI, and He doesn’t have a plan to bring a remnant to repentance and salvation in the last days has not studied the Old Testament prophecies concerning lsraeI and it’s role in the coming kingdom of Christ on the earth . Replacement theology is a Iie that contradicts the scriptures, because Paul tells us that a remnant of lsraeI is saved during the 7 year TribuIation in Romans 11. I’m just watching, as God’s Word is being fulfilled more and more rapidly. The world is becoming more perilous and chaotic, but Jesus Christ will deliver us from this present eviI world right on time. When the invading armies are destroyed as they enter the land that belongs to YHVH and the descendants of Jacob, the whole world will see it and understand it’s a supernatural act of Christ that destroys those who would destroy lsraeI, but the majority will still reject Christ as their Savior. Glory be to YHVH incarnate in Christ, and may His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

  • This is definitely Concerning!!!!
    Time May be Shorter than we think 🤔
    Thank You for the Heads up brother 💯❤️🙏👍

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