First Hand Look at What I’m calling “Pfizer Leg”

white and red plastic tube

This picture was sent to me by a subscriber and I decided to call it “Pfizer leg”.

Those of us who have been digging in and doing the research we have all seen these types of pictures from around the world but this is the first one I have from a trusted source. These wounds go all the way up to his groin area and they’re extremely painful.

Pfizer legs

There it is guys, the grievous sores that we were told about! PRAYED UP and prepped up! Please pray for Brian and his family as that’s all anyone can do for him now. DON’T TAKE ANY OF THESE DAMNED SHOTS! They are damned as they are changing people into something other than human. It may take longer to notice in some people but make no mistake unless they got saline solution changes are happening!

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  • This is the Reality Without Question!!
    It’s not an ” If Or When” Anymore 💯
    It’s happening Around the World 🌍
    But we won’t See it On Mainstream narrative
    Until The Marburg is full blown
    And They’ll use This to Scare Everyone into Submission
    You Watch ⌚ Time is Running Out and Actually Getting Shorter!!! Literally
    Great Work Brother 💯💯💯💯
    The Days are Definitely Getting Shorter
    Quite literally
    God’s Word Always Happens!!

  • I’m not vaxxed and had the same symptoms on both legs last spring. I had to go to a clinic to have zinc oxide gauze wrapped around both legs and put on Dupixant injection. I was cured within 3 months. I can send you pictures if you like. Thanks

  • Watch the 3:24 sec video and you’ll understand “Why” the Supreme Court Overturned Roe / Wade …

    It Is Always About Timing. Was The Roe v Wade Ban Meant To Protect What They Are Creating?

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