As Supply Chains Get Disrupted, Diesel Fuel Costs Rise, and Wheat-producing Countries Feel the Sting of Lost Grain Crops Due to War, Conflict, Heat, and Export Restrictions– “It’s Not That Hard to See “The S**t Hit the Fan” – SURVIVAL BLOG

As supply chains get disrupted, diesel fuel costs rise, and wheat-producing countries feel the sting of lost grain crops due to war, conflict, heat, and export restrictions– it’s not that hard to see the writing on the wall. Countries dependent on grain imports from Russia and Ukraine might be the first to feel the effects…
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Prayed up and prepped up!


  • dont want ta go to, fake survial blog,rich people forever, own agendas, and fear, fear fear porn, never mind real life day by day, without all of this, was already hard, even without children, duh, what is it with, forever, all the so called truthers, christians, this end of time scenario, , , never mind, anything else, or anyone else., , hey, one day at a time no matter who you are, no fears, we got enough real life fears everyday, just for our loved ones drivin on the roads, with all the , other people, ect.,and has nothin to do with damn vaccines., just always was., , appreciate the few, here and their, youll have to do your own searches, on poormans ways, to try to survive, , they be few, but they real, , and lord will show, in many different things, , .bible, , scripture, and no agenda, , thats across the board,, many many, sites, , , , once eyes are open, enough, , things outside of our realm, nothin personal, , trully, cannot, go there, , , your own lives , and family, one day at a time, by help of jesus christ, what else is there? thank you lord jesus christ., none is worthy., we all need his peace, and safety.

  • Has Anyone Else noticed that People are Changing Rapidly lately 💯
    Like They’re Meaner , Divisive, Angry, And So Om …..
    Even So Called friends …,
    And The Really Bad Things haven’t happened Yet….
    Can we imagine When Everyone has to Fend for Themselves?
    When ” Our World ” Changes in just One Hour
    Please Seek Jesus Christ, While you Still Can

    Thank You brother for Putting The Truth, Out there
    And For your dedication to The Truth 💯❤️🙏👍

    • Omg I’ve been shadow banned on most YouTube because I knew I can’t be the only one. Saturday I woke up and lord have mercy everywhere I went people were not just mean but damn evil. Even my wife. I knew they said they were messing with our magnetispere or something but all week it got worse and worse. Till Saturday I had to tell my wife she better figure it out because the worlds bad enough without your spouse going crazy. I showed her the story at Steve quayles site about weaponizing our magnetispere … that there was a Crack that stayed open 14 hours and TPTB have got it so people lose there ever living minds. I told my wife she better pray as I do daily many times a day that anything satan means for evil bounces off me . If she continues she’ll wake up me my dog and bag will be gone. I spent 45 years growing up in turmoil and 2 exwives that woke up argueing I made sure this time she knew I refuse to argue she’s a great friend but after she stepped back she seen it also. Specially those that got the vaccine. The guy above bless his heart is seems that its affecting almost everyone. I want to tell other Followers of our Lord Jesus try to not get mad and hateful at other believers we as a family are all we have to get through this. If we can’t talk to each other without argueing how are we to be a light for those that are scared? Thank you Jonny for your time even if many feel it’s fear porn we do thank you

    • yes. the muggles are all going insane.

  • That Ruth D comment reminds me of a bot. lol. thats a script that had random phrases in it and just grabbed and printed them. it was like a comma separated file it was reading from lol.

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