NATO Must Back Lithuania Against Russian Coercion | Royal United Services Institute

Increasing provocations from Moscow in response to Lithuania’s decision to enforce sanctions on goods transiting its territory need to be dealt with strongly by the Alliance.

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NATO is forcing Russias military response on this issue and Europe is going to burn with nuclear fire because of it.

Don’t worry USA you’ll be included in the nuclear fires as well. Lithuania would never be so crazy as to commit national suicide unless the USA and nato ordered them to do so in spite of the EU calling on Lithuania to lift the sanctions.

The article calls Lithuania brave for asserting their independence. They’ve got 2 days or less to open the corridor to Kaliningrad or Russia will force it open!

It’s time to face reality, the world may have only days left to it as we know it. Once the war begins everything will change in one hour.


  • yeah I had yesterday as the day for their answering the ultimatum on my calendar which means they will be enacting their plan to follow through in the new few days. I suspect by July 12 we will see what happens. I doubt they will take longer but maybe though doesnt seem likely at this time due to other factors.

    • Something I’ve noticed is that Retailers are Making a big deal for “” Buying “” merchandise before the 15th. !!!
      Actually by the 13th. !!
      Amazon is Making a Huge deal for Buying On July 12-13 Worldwide Prime Day!!
      Interesting Timing Don’t you think 🤔

  • I believe that you’ve Nailed it Again Brother 💯 Agree
    Everything else Won’t Even Matter Once This Begins and There will be No Time to Prepare for it!!!
    THIS Should Scare The Devil Out of People
    But He’s using ” Great Delusion “” to Hide What’s Really Coming

  • I know I’m crazy ,well that’s what most say lol, but something HAS TO HAPPEN OR OTHER COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE WILL BE SRI LANKA . There’s an evil I can’t shake . My wife and friend is beyond moody borderline a…ones. all day. Everywhere I went today 98% are same. To much happening to just blow over military members are screaming to buy food and supplies “NOW” to their families. My son hasn’t even clicked on his Facebook in months. He’s missle radar, dumb cop de fotsballa that’s PennsylvaniaDutch, ! I told him he wouldn’t listen . I have very bad feelings lately for him.

  • Holy Nation channel has a 72 hour warning called Rahab’s call. 72 hour warning.
    A global call to prayer and fasting.
    Get this: the 13th was given to her as CRITICAL time to be in prayer.
    This is our time to be fully engaged in spiritual war.
    Dana Coverstone posted a 45 minute video, titled Precision dream.
    It also nails the urgency of this hour.
    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m sick and disgusred with Jesus happy talk. Shallow Christians that repeatedly tell you ‘just trust Jesus ‘.
    Folks HE gave us His Name, his weapons and armor and the church has them on the floor.
    Pick up your sword, put on your armor and get with it.

    As you were.

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