Infant Boy at Vanderbilt Hospital REFUSED LIFE SAVING Heart Transplant

Why? I will give you one guess. If you guessed that the boy isn’t vaccinated you would be correct. The Surgeon is refusing to do the transplant unless the young boy is vaxxed. He’s an infant. This is evil beyond description. This is the tribulation.

Please keep this boy and his family in your prayers. If you want to call and help pressure the hospital to do the transplant he provides the number in the video. It is also in the picture below. God bless you all and let’s save this child!

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UPDATE TO THIS STORY 4:38PM Pacific time: The CV19 Vax requirement has been dropped but they are insisting on the child getting all of the other vaccines prior to surgery! He is FAR TOO SICK TO GET THEM but they are insisting on it anyway. Please keep praying as any kind of severe reaction will kill this child!

Here is the update

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  • Reminds Me of the Movie…,”” John Q “” ….
    A Parent Refuses to Accept What the Insurance and Hospital Corporations Tell him,…,. And Fights the System By Force ….
    Once the Media comes to Report about it….
    The 99% …,. Show up and Send a Message to The System!!! “” We Stand with John Q “”
    Folks, This is a Huge Opportunity to Show up at This Hospital and Let’s See if They can Call This a “” Insurrection “” …..
    This is a Huge Opportunity to See Who Is Willing to Stand Up Against The Narrative !!
    Making Phone calls is not Enough for This Opportunity of a lifetime!!!
    Actually Standing With These Parents….
    Is What Would Make a Massive difference!!
    Here’s the John Q Trailer for those who don’t know what it’s about….

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