Dangerous Times Just Ahead

I felt led to share this message a sister in Christ had put on her website at 444phrophecy news. Click here for the original article. The bold emphasis below will be mine. Johnny

Prayerfully consider all which has been written, Acts 17:11

Message received June 21st – 24th

My children, allow me to refresh your memories and speak to those who are newly mine.

There is a time coming very quickly where it will be unsafe to go about your normal routine. Do you notice an absence of your own governments? A strange quiet from your rulers? They are getting ready to cut you loose and let you all fend for yourselves worldwide – yes worldwide.

Do not be fooled by their so called peace and safety. There is no peace unless you are within me, there is no safety unless you were hidden in me. The world is not a safe place anymore. Soon unimaginable beasts will run over the land. Only those who walk with me will be hidden and protected by me.

Men’s hearts failing them for fear of those things which come upon the Earth. This means many things my children. Do not lose faith like the masses as aliens and their spaceships appear. (This is why TV points to them.) The strong delusion. They do not create you, I did. They will descend upon the Earth and appear harmless, but, I assure you they are not.

They have very evil intentions.

The beasts which will roam upon the Earth, never seen before, will not be safe for the wicked ones. They will eat everything, including the wicked ones, the unsaved.

Chaos will be everywhere at this time, money worthless, no man can work, supply chains halted. Earthquakes, uncontrolled fires, weather will be severe. Swings of extreme heat/cold, hurricanes, tornadoes and Landocanes. Nowhere to hide except in me.

But the end is not yet, the Anti-Christ will emerge and claim to have a solution to all the world problems, including controlling earthquakes and weather. He will tell you he will make a new heaven and Earth. He will try to take credit for my work. It is possible even the very elect will be deceived. But, this will not be so. They know me and I know them. Nothing can pluck them from my hand .

My children, do not fear these things or worry about what is to come. Many/most will not be here to experience the horrific events, judgments. The wicked ones/tares must be judged. You are to share the good news until I call you home. Be about my father’s business, not yours, not watching the sky and wasting your lives waiting for me. If you would only think about my great great love for them as well. I graced you all more time to repent and come to me. They were you my child. Help them escape the coming judgment. Do not ruin or embarrass my good name. It is not my will that at any man parish, yet so many will/are.

Take heed to my words my children, warn those you love. When hunger strikes, famine takes hold, people will do anything to feed their flesh. It is in my word, it is written. You are my chosen ones. Be mindful of who you share personal information with as it may come back to bite you one day.

The wicked will become more wicked. The righteous, more righteous. Middle ground will be non existent as sides will finally be chosen. Those who are mine will gather together and know their brothers and sisters. Those who are wicked will be very obvious to you.

Stay in my word. Remember my promises, remember what happens to the wicked, for it is written. Trust me to guide and protect you and those you love, should they come.

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