Video: President Putin of Russia Rushed into Kremlin at 11pm Moscow Time

The information that Russian President Vladimir Putin rushed to the Kremlin at 23.00 local time in Moscow for ” an extremely important issue of the highest national security” has caused great concern for some time now.

Only in extremely serious and rare cases does the Russian president go to the Kremlin on an emergency basis at 23.00 on Saturday night. No one still knows what time the Russian president will leave.

We remind you that the talks with A. Lukashenko preceded, as WarNews247 previously informed, about the transfer of nuclear weapons to Belarus.

In fact, the Russian state media Ria Novosti reported the arrival of the Russian president to confirm the information about his extraordinary arrival in the Kremlin. The Russians wanted to make it known to the West, so something serious is going on.

The Kremlin spokesman, N. Peskov, was forced to make statements a while ago to formally deny that “there is a serious reason.” But that does not matter. Peshkov said the same thing even a few hours before the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

The fact that many Russian sources published videos at the same time as Putin’s unplanned arrival in the Kremlin raises concerns.

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  • Something the west is hiding I feel is really close to keep secret in Ukraine. With Q and the other guns, roe v wade , all smell worse then nukes. Think how many would drool over T saving the world. I witnessed the miles long convoys of trump think how many that didn’t get the mark would run to the gallows for him. Now 1% in the end “might make it before Jesus returns.

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