I found this today when I was doing research on the mRNA vaccines. The aluminum NANOTECH they’re using in the vaccines are getting into the BRAIN…no wonder this video was censored everywhere!

I don’t know who the doctor is but I found the video on Jim Stones Website.

Bitchute Version of video

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  • Aluminum Oxide has been being Sprayed into the Atmosphere for Decades now!!!
    But Hasn’t been Reported to the Masses!!!;
    It’s interesting to me that I Suddenly Can’t Access the Information that I had about this very Subject!!
    And the AI has Actually Removed My ability to Bring up the information… On All My Devices, Laptop Included…
    Brother, I Seriously Would Back up all your information on “” Air Gapped “”:Thumb drives….

    I applaud You for Finding The Things you find!;

    Very Soon, We’re Not going to be able to Find Any Truth , Anywhere On the Net!!;
    It’s ALL Being Purged from the Western Internet System bcoz of the Super Artificial Intelligence …. That I believe is In Real Time Control of Everything Worldwide πŸ’―
    Precise , Concert of Everything, All At Once…

    Thank You for Finding a Way to Expose This Important Information ℹ️
    Great Catch brother πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸŽ―πŸ‘

  • …..and meanwhile the sheeple will say the unbitten are tin foil hat wearing dummies. As the Bible spoke of, a delusion has been coming over many – 2 Thessalonians 2:11-13.

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