Ukraine Bombs Russian Oil Rigs, Moscow says that the West is Responsible


The Ukrainians opened the Aeolian Pouch as they bombarded the drilling rigs off Crimea with three missiles. As a result of the bombing, 20 people were injured and seven more are still missing. Investigations are ongoing.

Moscow is talking about an “overwhelming response” which will affect Western countries if it turns out that the attack was carried out with Western weapons!

At the same time, this attack seems to lock the Russian advance towards Odessa as the facts show that if the city remains in the hands of the Ukrainians, there will be a permanent danger for the Russian Navy and the Russian facilities off to the Crimea.

It is reported that the Ukrainian attack was carried out either by two Su-27s or by Harpoon anti-ship missiles.

“Drilling platforms hit”

Russian authorities today accused Ukraine of hitting drilling rigs off Crimea.

“This morning the enemy attacked Tchernomorneftegaz drilling rigs. “I am in contact with our colleagues in the Ministry of Defense and (the Russian intelligence service) FSB, we are trying to save people, ” Crimean Governor Sergei Axyonov told Telegram.

Crimean officials said work on three drilling rigs had been suspended after the blaze and fires broke out.

Axionov said that Ukraine hit the platforms at 08.00 (Greek time) when there were 109 employees on them.

” According to the first information, the most critical was the first blow respectively on the first platform. As for the other platforms, based on the first information, there are no injured or dead. “21 people have already been evacuated,” Axionov said, adding that Crimea was supplied with natural gas.

According to him, five of the 12 people on the platforms have been rescued, of whom 3 have been injured. Investigations into the others are ongoing.

Chernomorneftegaz was taken over by Russian-backed national gas operator Naftogaz in 2014 in the hands of Russian-backed officials. The company is under US and European Union sanctions.

Tchernomorneftegaz operates a number of gas and oil fields in the Black and Azov Seas off Crimea.

This is the first blow to offshore drilling infrastructure in Crimea since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

“There will be overwhelming retaliation”

“Ukrainian nationalist attack on Chernomorneftegaz boreholes loosened the hands of Russian forces.” This was stated by the deputy of the State Duma of Crimea Mikhail Seremet.

The end of those who decided to attack our drilling rigs will be sad. In the near future there will be retaliation in the decision-making centers.

“The answer will be leveling, after which they will not recover soon, ” Sheremet said.

“Urban infrastructure was attacked, thus freeing our hands. In the near future there will be retaliation in the decision-making centers. “The response will be overwhelming, after which they will not recover soon,” Sheremet warned.

The State Duma deputy added that if it is confirmed that the weapons used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine belong to Western countries, the responsibility for the attack will also fall on their shoulders.

“Western countries will also be held accountable for what happened,” he said.

What happened to the drilling rigs 

The strikes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the drilling rigs of Chernomorneftegaz occurred at 8:37 Moscow time on June 20. As a result of the bombing, 20 people were injured, seven more are missing. Rescue services are continuing the search.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out three rocket attacks on the platforms, where at that time there were a total of 109 people. The impact on the platform, which employed 12 experts, was strongest. Five people were rescued, seven more are missing.

“Three were injured, two were severely burned, another was seriously injured as he was beaten in the legs,” Russian sources said.

The rescue operation is being carried out with the support of the Ministry of Defense – patrol boats and aircraft are involved.

Crimean senator Olga Kovitidis said production at the Ukrainian-attacked gas field had been suspended but a disaster had been averted.

“The Odessa gas field has been developed by Chornomorneftegaz since 2012. The production of natural gas in the Odessa field will continue, ” Kovitidi said.

“The beatings took place on three platforms in the Odesskoye field, 71 km from Odessa. The BC-1 suffered the most damage, there were no casualties in the BC-2 and BC-3. “As far as I understand, the edges (of the wells) have just been dismantled ,” the senator explained. And he added:

“Now we are pouring gas from the pipes to stop the fire. “Gas production in the field has been temporarily suspended, ” the senator said.

At the same time, Kovitidi stressed, after the completion of the restoration work, the production will continue.

“If the Chornomorneftegaz platforms had not released gas in time, the Ukrainian strike would have caused an explosion in the gas storage area, which would have affected Odessa ,” said Olga Kovitidi.


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