Robots with human skin are here…

This is what I’ve been talking about when I say the so called “leaders” we see on tv daily are not what they appear to be.

How else do you think they can be so cold when issuing mandates that they know will kill people? If they’re showing us this now you know that they’re at least 25 ahead of what they’re showing us.

The series West-world on HBO is more of a documentary drama than science fiction.


  • Science Fiction….. Has become Reality indeed 💯 It’s been In Front of Our Eyes ….
    As In the Days of Noah ….
    Comes to Mind 💯

  • That Asian guy speaking looks like a cyborg to me.

  • I always say never believe what you see and only a fraction of what you hear. Ever notice how in 70 years cgi looks as if it never changed . If they are in a car driving it looks same as it did in the 50s yet holograms are shown daily and nobody sees it.
    It’s bad argueing about most things we watch are all computer digitized. They will say no we watched it on TV or online. Just shake your head. Jesus warned us about those “with” ears or eyes can see but to others it’s “impossible”

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