Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide Dr. Naomi Wolf on the Pfizer Confidential Report


I came across this earlier when I was doing more research on this subject. They knew. The drug companies and the FDA knew the vaccines were killing babies and harming mothers and nothing was done and now they’ve approved the shots for 6 months old and up.

What shocks me to this day is that NO ONE seems to give a rip about any of it! People around me are disgusted but then they shrug and say “it’s none of my business”….wow. My video rant on this is below along with a link to the article.

Dr. Wolfe’s article

Bitchute version of my video

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  • “” Woe Unto Mother’s Who Give Milk!! “”
    The Next Step will be a “” Alien Virus ( demonic) …. And it’s already Begun!!
    Remember when Trump Signed Laws That Nobody Can Sue , Big pharma, Doctors, Hospitals, etc???? For Anything to do with Vax
    We Think It’s Evil Now? We haven’t seen Anything yet!!
    Thank You for” Ranting ” About Al of the Literal Biblical Events Taking Place in Real Time brother 💯💯💯💯💯
    People Need to Hear and See All of this absolute EVIL And you are 100% Correct that the Masses,.. Are Completely Oblivious and Blinded To The Reality of The Biblical Prophecy Happening, Right in Front of Our Eyes!!
    The Only way to Get Anyone to Wake up..
    Jesus Christ Blood She’d for us
    He’s the Way, The Truth and The Life, No Man Cometh unto the Father, But By Me!
    Always Praying for You and your family
    Keep the Truth Coming Brother 💯
    I’m So Thankful for The Lord Jesus Christ 🙏

    • Yes that’s true but you must keep the laws statues in commandments remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy which is Friday sunset Saturday sunset if you don’t keep his laws that your commandments you’re not getting into heaven.. Facts

      • Faith in Christ and keeping the 10 commandments are all that is required. The laws of Moses are over and done with. Hence “it is finished”. Facts.

  • Article was written 6/11/22 and ONLY 1,427 shares … Stupid pet / music videos get millions of views and shares in a day. I have been coping, pasting in e mails for years now with links. Not a peep out of anyone, but I will do the same with this Johnny. .. It is why we all must face the Tribulation. … Blessing to you and yours Johnny (+)

  • My heart is breaking one piece at a time with what we’re witnessing around globe! The denial and delusion is off the charts! “Thy Kingdom Come “!

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