Amazing Eyewitness Account of Jesus’ Resurrection as Written by Pilate

Here is a video I came across that fills in some amazing details of the crucifixion that I never knew before such as

The palace that Pilate was in shook and trembled with the roar of the crowd shouting “crucify him!” Think of how that must have felt to be there and feel that kind of hate towards the son of God!

That Pilate had very extensive knowledge of Jewish law and recited it to them to show that they were in the wrong according to their very own laws.

Even after pleading with the Jews they still shouted “crucify him“ as if they had been taken over by demons, according to Pilates report.

The Roman guards at the tomb were put on their faces by a bright light and the “earth swirling around them making them sick”. The guard in charge said that he was wide awake and that it was still way too early for sunlight. That makes me think it was 3-4am when the resurrection happened as the guard goes onto say he was on his face until it was daylight/sunrise and it took about an hour.

The Roman guards at the tomb also reported seeing the dead cheering and celebrating, the sound of voices singing praises to God was overwhelming!

There’s much more to this report from Pilate to emperor Tiberius and I encourage you to watch the entire video.


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  • I’d always Wondered about the Roman Account of all of this
    Because The Roman Empire was built On Keeping Record of Reporting and Everything else in the Empire!!
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    Everyone Needs to Hear this

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