WAR NEWS! Italian Naval Chief Says They are Tracking 18 Russian Naval Ships and 2 Submarines in the Mediterranean

“The presence is there and you can feel it. And it could not be otherwise: 18 Russian warships sailed in the Mediterranean, plus two submarines. “It has never been so much,” said Admiral Enrico Credendino, Commander of the Italian Navy.

“It’s just a presence (of the Russians), but this sea is our home and we have to be there.”

“There is a progressive increase, and when there are submarines armed with missiles at the borders of our territorial waters, our country must discover them and follow them everywhere. We do it with two of the four Fremm (European multi-mission frigate) we have “.

At present, the Russians “do not pose a threat. “They are sailing the Mediterranean from the base of Tartu, in Syria, as we do in the straits of Sicily.”

Admiral Enrico Credendino, Chief of Staff of the Navy since November 2021, gives a picture of the current situation compared to what the Mare Nostrum (Mediterranean Sea) was but to which he now adds are fleets from various countries, so many that did not exist nor during the Cold War

“We are ready to go on a mission to the Ukrainian coast to escort and clear landmines: as long as they ask for it,” he said.

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