Tunisian Illegal Immigrant is the First Arrest in a Strange Case of People Being Injected with Hypodermic Needles in Nightclubs

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A mysterious wave of hypodermic needle attacks has gripped France and parts of the United Kingdom, with over 300 victims in France alone reportedly suffering strange illnesses and side effects after being punctured by a needle inside clubs and bars.

Now, one arrest has been made related to the attacks, with the alleged perpetrator an illegal Tunisian immigrant, according to French newspaper Le Figaro.

Authorities are hoping that the indictment makes it possible to begin solving the mystery behind the attacks, which have predominately occurred in France and the United Kingdom, along with parts of Belgium and the Netherlands. The suspect, arrested Friday night in Toulon, is currently in pre-trial detention, with investigators attempting to gather more evidence in the case.

Since the beginning of April, unexplained hypodermic needle injections have plagued young people in nightclubs, bars, and festivals throughout France, with complaints lodged in Lille, Béziers, Nantes, Rennes, and Strasbourg, as well as in Grenoble, Nancy, Lyon, Besançon, Valence, and Toulouse.

It remains unclear if suspects are injecting people with a substance or a disease, but governments in all the countries involved have issued warnings and are actively investigating the cases. Some concerts have even been interrupted mid-performance due to audience members reporting being pricked by a syringe. Read more here.

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