Russian Kalibr Cruise Missiles Allegedly Destroy Beskydy Rail Tunnel Which is a MAJOR NATO SUPPLY ROUTE!

Russia unleashed a barrage of eight Kalibr cruise missiles by bombing for the first time the Beskydy railway tunnel, which crosses the Carpathians on the border with Poland-Hungary-Slovenia and Romania.

The missile strike came after the US decision to deliver MLRS M142 HIMARS to Ukraine.

This is the only tunnel in the Carpathians to the west. Before the war, up to 60% of cargo transit in Western and Central Europe passed through this tunnel.

It is a given that Russian missile strikes will be repeated at this point.

Some time ago, Ukraine had strengthened the security of the Beskydy tunnel. According to available information, the decision to strengthen the protection of the Beskydy tunnel was made under British pressure, as it warned of a series of blows to railways, tunnels and bridges in order to cut Ukraine off from Europe, thus interrupting the railways.

Kyiv had significantly strengthened the air defenses in the area of ​​the Beskydy tunnel by installing additional anti-aircraft systems. It is unknown whether they protected the area from Russian attack.

“The goal is to try to disrupt the railway and stop the supply of fuel and weapons from our allies,” said Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the Ukraine’s Interior Minister.

I say “allegedly” because as of now I’m getting conflicting reports on whether or not the tunnel was actually destroyed or temporarily disabled and not usable. Remember Russia doesn’t really want to destroy Ukraine’s infrastructure as it will turn people against them and of course cost much more to rebuild it.

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