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UPDATE on Baby August who Needs the Heart Transplant

This is an update I was sent tonight on baby August for all of you who have been asking! God bless and here you go! The original link is below as well.

by Hannah Stoll (Mother of August)

August was born with a rare form of congenital heart disease. He has been in Vanderbilt’s care since he was 12 days old after he almost died in my arms at home of heart failure. He was quickly airlifted to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, where eventually we were told he has the most complicated heart disease they’ve seen. He has no developmental problems otherwise.

He spent the first 2 months of his life inpatient. From there, he had 5 more stays for complications.

He went in for open-heart surgery on June 8th. It was at first believed to be successful but was considered a failed intervention a few days later.

The heart team at Vanderbilt told us there was nothing else they could do but transplant. We were heartbroken. We began a series of eligibility tests for August to be placed on the transplant list.

August was placed on a ventilator, and they have been scrambling to keep him stable ever since. His heart cannot even function well enough to help him breathe. He is in terrible condition. He is dying.

Very long story short, the transplant team (specifically Dr. David Bearl) gave us an ultimatum that if we did not give August a series of vaccines, he would keep him off the transplant list. He specifically used the phrase, “I am mandating,” about 8 times during our first conversation about this.

The second conversation, I reasoned and debated with him over the insanity of giving my baby vaccines with a huge risk of a negative outcome, on a severely immunosuppressed child on their death bed. He continued to refuse. I asked him if this was legal. He said no. I asked if this was policy. He said no.

Our third conversation (this morning), he came and asked me if I had any more questions. I asked if he changed his mind. He said no.

So here we are. I firmly believe with absolute confidence that it is despicable, unethical, heartless, and disgusting to withhold a heart from a 6-month-old baby over this. I believe loading his body on these [vaccines] will kill him. I believe it is within my rights as a parent to choose this for him. I believe that this doctor holding this over us is motivated by ego.

As his parents, we have a responsibility to protect our son at all costs. He is dying, and time is of the essence.

We want to be clear that we have no issue with any other of the Vanderbilt cardiology team. They have been wonderful to us and our son. It is specifically the pediatric transplant team that is stopping August from getting a heart.

The medical costs will be mounting. You can go to this donor portal that has been set up directly by the family on GiveSendGo.

Original link to story

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A quarter of Americans open to taking up arms against government, poll says | Biden administration | The Guardian

Survey of 1,000 registered US voters also reveals that most Americans agree government is ‘corrupt and rigged’
— Read on

Very interesting especially since most people are usually afraid to say so out loud so they’re not put on a government “list” of some sort.

You have to wonder how many people would do this but will never say so in public.

Now you know why they’re putting up new red flag laws across the nation. This is also why the IRS is buying millions of rounds of ammo. . Here’s more on the red flag laws by pastor Chuck Baldwin.

Russia warns Norway over conflict in Arctic – The Press United | International News Analysis, Viewpoint

Russia warns Norway over conflict in Arctic – The Press United | International News Analysis, Viewpoint
— Read on

First it was Kaliningrad and now these Russian miners In the arctic have been cut off from supplies, even food! Prayed up and prepped up! This was could expand super fast!

Did Rockefeller Foundation Predict the Future?

We’re told that our food shortage problems are caused by various factors. Yet in July 2020, The Rockefeller Foundation had already predicted it.
— Read on

Here we go again. They “predict” it and then it magically happens. Right. Prayed up and prepped up everyone!

Infant Boy at Vanderbilt Hospital REFUSED LIFE SAVING Heart Transplant

Why? I will give you one guess. If you guessed that the boy isn’t vaccinated you would be correct. The Surgeon is refusing to do the transplant unless the young boy is vaxxed. He’s an infant. This is evil beyond description. This is the tribulation.

Please keep this boy and his family in your prayers. If you want to call and help pressure the hospital to do the transplant he provides the number in the video. It is also in the picture below. God bless you all and let’s save this child!

Original link

UPDATE TO THIS STORY 4:38PM Pacific time: The CV19 Vax requirement has been dropped but they are insisting on the child getting all of the other vaccines prior to surgery! He is FAR TOO SICK TO GET THEM but they are insisting on it anyway. Please keep praying as any kind of severe reaction will kill this child!

Here is the update

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Covid-19 Australia: ‘Pandemic babies’ with no immunity to viruses ending up in ICU | Daily Mail Online

Doctors have revealed babies born during the Covid-19 pandemic are becoming seriously ill after contracting viruses they haven’t encountered before.
— Read on

It’s the vaccines but they’ll never admit it. They knew this would happen and here we are, maiming and killing children in the womb, abortion clinic not needed.

Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil. They will pay for what they’ve done with eternity in hellfire! Come back soon lord Jesus!

US Government Openly Advocates Destroying Russia – Global Research

US Government Openly Advocates Destroying Russia – Global Research
— Read on

There it is right in front of you. This is the mentality Russia is up against.

The Rise, the Wound, and the Return of Donald Trump: a case for the biblical Antichrist. (A thread)

I found this on Twitter and once again I found myself compelled to share it with you all. This is from @DonnieDarkened on Twitter and this thread does a great job of putting the story together of Donald Trump being the Antichrist. It also covers the solar eclipse in August 2017 and what that really told us in regard to the Biblical timeline and much much more!

I’m putting it here on the website because I know many of you don’t use Twitter for one reason or another and the Twitter account for Don’t Speak News was terminated a month ago. This thread will now be an important part of a new video I am working on with regard to Trump and him being the antichrist. As always take it up in prayer Acts 17:11. Here is the thread.

What timing dontcha think?

Now for me this next one is HUGE! I remember reporting on all of this news on the day that it broke and it floored me and the audience I had at the time! Donald Trump blasphemes not once but TWICE on the same day calling himself the “chosen one” and then he retweeted the “like the second coming of God” and the “King of Israel” later that evening.

He makes the effort to turn around and LOOK UP when he said he’s the chosen one! If that’s not blasphemy then what is???

Then of course there’s the infamous “snake poem” that Donald Trump LOVES to repeat at rallies even to this very day! Like it says “silly woman you knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in!” Some of us knew but sadly many fell for this charlatan.

Oh and Donald doesn’t need forgiveness from God either. Remember that one?

Then he doubles down and mocks communion…

That brings us to the Qanon movement or Q for short. What can I say about this psyop that hasn’t already been said? Now it’s making a comeback and Trump may come along with it soon. I will stop here for now and continue with more commentary and a video very soon.

I pray that this information gets to those of you who need it. God bless you all and please understand the time that we’re in and who this man really is and what/who he represents! He’s Satans man and he’s coming back to the world stage very soon, just as his books foretold!

Here is a playlist from my YouTube Channel on this subject as well.

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Dangerous Times Just Ahead

I felt led to share this message a sister in Christ had put on her website at 444phrophecy news. Click here for the original article. The bold emphasis below will be mine. Johnny

Prayerfully consider all which has been written, Acts 17:11

Message received June 21st – 24th

My children, allow me to refresh your memories and speak to those who are newly mine.

There is a time coming very quickly where it will be unsafe to go about your normal routine. Do you notice an absence of your own governments? A strange quiet from your rulers? They are getting ready to cut you loose and let you all fend for yourselves worldwide – yes worldwide.

Do not be fooled by their so called peace and safety. There is no peace unless you are within me, there is no safety unless you were hidden in me. The world is not a safe place anymore. Soon unimaginable beasts will run over the land. Only those who walk with me will be hidden and protected by me.

Men’s hearts failing them for fear of those things which come upon the Earth. This means many things my children. Do not lose faith like the masses as aliens and their spaceships appear. (This is why TV points to them.) The strong delusion. They do not create you, I did. They will descend upon the Earth and appear harmless, but, I assure you they are not.

They have very evil intentions.

The beasts which will roam upon the Earth, never seen before, will not be safe for the wicked ones. They will eat everything, including the wicked ones, the unsaved.

Chaos will be everywhere at this time, money worthless, no man can work, supply chains halted. Earthquakes, uncontrolled fires, weather will be severe. Swings of extreme heat/cold, hurricanes, tornadoes and Landocanes. Nowhere to hide except in me.

But the end is not yet, the Anti-Christ will emerge and claim to have a solution to all the world problems, including controlling earthquakes and weather. He will tell you he will make a new heaven and Earth. He will try to take credit for my work. It is possible even the very elect will be deceived. But, this will not be so. They know me and I know them. Nothing can pluck them from my hand .

My children, do not fear these things or worry about what is to come. Many/most will not be here to experience the horrific events, judgments. The wicked ones/tares must be judged. You are to share the good news until I call you home. Be about my father’s business, not yours, not watching the sky and wasting your lives waiting for me. If you would only think about my great great love for them as well. I graced you all more time to repent and come to me. They were you my child. Help them escape the coming judgment. Do not ruin or embarrass my good name. It is not my will that at any man parish, yet so many will/are.

Take heed to my words my children, warn those you love. When hunger strikes, famine takes hold, people will do anything to feed their flesh. It is in my word, it is written. You are my chosen ones. Be mindful of who you share personal information with as it may come back to bite you one day.

The wicked will become more wicked. The righteous, more righteous. Middle ground will be non existent as sides will finally be chosen. Those who are mine will gather together and know their brothers and sisters. Those who are wicked will be very obvious to you.

Stay in my word. Remember my promises, remember what happens to the wicked, for it is written. Trust me to guide and protect you and those you love, should they come.

Depopulation of Taiwan – by Igor Chudov – Igor’s Newsletter

Birth Rate Dropped by 23% in ONE YEAR — And it is NOT Covid
— Read on

Wow! Depopulation is happening worldwide but Taiwan seems to be leading the way!

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