The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are Riding and Time is SHORT

I found this video the other day while doing other research and I have felt compelled to share it ever since.

From the video description;

All four horseman of the Apocalypse are related to the “Great Reset”. Mark of the Beast non-vaccine “vaccines”, world war beginning in Red Russia, food scarcity, collapsing supply chains, and hyperinflation, and a mass depopulation stemming from the Green Movement, which places the creation above the Creator. Is it possible for God’s people to miss God and not recognize these things even as they are occurring?

Original Link:

I cannot emphasize how short the hour truly is and to go along with this guys we have a full lunar/blood moon coming up on May 16th. Signs in the sun, the moon and the stars….

Like I said above I felt COMPELLED to share this and it had to be done right away this evening as someone out there needs to see it. God bless and stay ready!

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  • Satan has Deceived Many and has Used God’s Word To Do it….. Just like he Used God’s Words…. In the Garden of Eden!!!
    Let That Sink in folks!!!
    He has Everyone Fighting Over When Jesus Will Return, ( As He Promised ) ……
    But satan is Cunning, And People Seem to Forget that God Made Lucifer As the Most Beautiful Angle Above ALL the Rest!!!
    Lucifer is Blinding Everyone by Division, Confusion, Deception Indeed Brother 💯❤️🙏👍
    ( I Was One of Those, Who was Divided until I Realized ,….. To just Believe Exactly What Jesus Christ Told Us ……
    God’s Word is Perfect but Man has Twisted God’s Word , So Many Times…
    I don’t Remember The Apostle Paul…. Going to College!!! To learn What and How Jesus Called him to Do!!
    Think 🤔 about This One for a few minutes…… Have a Wonderful Blessed Day Today Brother 💯❤️🙏

  • About the so called CERN accident. I had to use TOR browser to even find this tidbit but it was about any accident.
    Now according to the article they are planing a larger experiment this summer. So this should be a doozy. BOLO for strange aerial phenomena over all the skies.
    Also, about USA and its push to goad Russia into WWIII.
    From Veterans Today:


    The very thing satan and Americans are good at is word smithing and twisting the words. As one POTUS spoke, “it depends on what IS is” Yep like that.

    So count on a Russia Ship sinking in the Black Sea and then it will not be pretty.
    One person was given a dream that Russia had released thier “Super Soldiers”. If the reader does not know what this is, a quick search will bring up lots of info. But I will add this, about Russ Dizdar and his intel.
    The is a ominous warning that with CERN being active and the possibility of Super Soldiers being released we may be on the cusp of huge demonic activity.
    Steven Ben-Nun has release videos speaking of nephilim jumping upwards of over 45 feet and running at speeds of over 120mph! Wild? yea well we’ve been dumbed down about giants and nephilim and we have been told, As in the Days of Noah.
    Well we are here folks.
    Waiiting on my book titled The Black Awakening by Russ Dizdar. He write of his interviews with many SF and Rangers that are pure satanist and are awaiting on their call and they also speak of how thee are millions that walk among us.
    All of them waiting on the awakening.
    Folks Christians are NOT prepared for this level of spiritual warfare. I pray many heed the call to learn of this.

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