Russia Openly Accuses Israel of Supporting Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

Israel has reacted with anger to ‘unforgivable’ comments and claims made by Russia’s foreign minister including that Adolf Hitler was Jewish. That was yesterday 5-2-22, this is today 5-3-22 and Russia has doubled down on accusing Israel!

Sergei Lavrov made the comments to try to justify Russia’s portrayal of Ukraine as ‘Nazi’ despite the fact that its president is Jewish.

Israel, which has demanded the Russian ambassador apologize said the remarks blamed Jews for their own murder in the Holocaust.

Yair Lapid, Israel’s foreign minister, also branded the remark ‘scandalous’ and said the Russian ambassador would be summoned for a ‘tough talk’. But in a statement today, the Russian foreign ministry said Lapid’s comments were ‘anti-historical’ and ‘explaining to a large extent why the current Israeli government supports the neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv’.

Now Ukraine is telling the world that the Israeli intelligence service, The Mossad is now providing Ukraine with direct and real time intel about Russia and their forces. This does NOT bode well for Russia and Israel relations! All of that and more is in my video report below.

Mossad story

Russia Accuses Israel of Supporting Nazis

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  • Folks if you don’t know who khazars are you are at a severe disadvantage and will continue to fall for the antisemite meme to shut you up.
    As Yahusha spoke to the pharisees as serpents, that blood line goes back to Gen. 3:15.
    Learn from two sources.
    And but search their website for the history of the khazarian mafia.
    It’s time for born again Christians to quit being destroyed for a lack of knowledge.

  • Great Work Brother 💯👍 Truth Indeed Brother 💯

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