War Update! Russia and NATO Exchange Nuclear Threats as Conflict Threatens to Grow

Vladimir Putin has officially declared a state of emergency in the Belgorod region for 60 days. Reason: The Russian Federation is “under attack” from either foreign military, mercenaries of that foreign military, or terrorists.” Key point: Russia is “under attack.”

Also Russian State television is urging Putin to “erase Britain from the map using the most powerful nuclear weapons the country has.”

Russian state television makes special reference to the “super-torpedo” “Poseidon”, a Russian strategic and top-secret weapon, equipped with a nuclear warhead that can have an unrealistic power of 100 megatons.

The Poseidon thermonuclear warhead is designed to destroy coastal locations such as ports, cities and other marine infrastructure. The explosion will create a radioactive tsunami, which would make large areas inaccessible to entire generations. All of that and more are in today’s war update video below!

World Food Supply

Bird Flu Spreading

Russian Poseidon Torpedo

Canadian General Allegedly captured

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