Quantum Dot and Smart Tattoos Lead us Down the Road to Mandatory Digital Ids/Mark of the Beast

Over the last 2 years I’ve done a copious amount of research into the bio-weapon known as Covid19 which is actually in the very “cure” itself, the so called vaccines. Oh they can get this stuff into people in various different ways but none of them (oral, inhaled) are nearly as effective or “take hold” as well as when they’re injected directly into someone.

You see it’s not just the biology or the “science” we’re talking about here but also the willful submission to the “BEAST” system which is the act of taking the jab itself. Now they will make it appear to be “super easy, fun and cool” to get your new tattoo which comes with the jab built right in. Bill Gates and MIT have been working on this for years and it looks like the picture I posted below. Here is a link to an article I did last year on the subject: Quantum dot tattoos to hold your vaccination records and more.

You see the entirety of the Church in America has missed it. A bunch of them are off looking for Trump (the Antichrist) to return. Or they’re following the example of Franklin Graham (and others) who falsely claim that Jesus would support His followers taking the shot. I guess they all forgot that Jesus commanded us to lay hands on the sick and they shall recover (Mark 16:18) ? Or how he healed the leaper BY TOUCHING HIM and many others who were sick? Matthew 8 1-3

Jesus gave us these examples so we would have a blueprint to follow. He showed us how to serve others by denying oneself and giving it all to God by trusting in Him to deliver you. Nowhere does God ask us to rely upon mankind for our physical or spiritual salvation and yet that’s what the church in America is doing.

Redesign of Life
The serpent again!

They say things like “oh God gave us the miracles of these vaccines because He gave us scientists with knowledge” never understanding that these shots are genetic therapy designed to mark you with the devils seal and make you unacceptable to God. You DNA is your antennae to God, it’s unique and makes you different from everyone else. When you allow “scientists” to alter and change it you have now CHANGED THE SIGNAL AND VIBRATION you are sending out and in essence you have desecrated the temple (your body) that God was to reside in.

Here is a video that clearly shows you both in scripture and in science your DNA is unique and was sealed by God.

Original Video link

Here is another video that shows you how they’re going to sell this to the public and make the MARK OF THE BEAST look “fun, smart and cool”.

Gee a lot of that looks familiar doesn’t it? If you’ve followed this website for any length of time is should as I’ve been covering this subject for over 2 years now. I’m back covering it again because time is SUPER SHORT and God doesn’t want anyone else to perish by taking this shot of damnation!

If you have taken it REPENT WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE and ASK FOR GOD’s FORGIVENESS! I’m not the one who judges or condemns you (so please stop falsely accusing), only God has that right. I am required to share what God’s word says on the subject and that’s it. Revelation 14:9-10 and Revelation 19:20 describe what happens to those who take the mark. Matthew 19:26 says with God all things are possible and when I pray that is the verse I get in regards to being cleansed from this foul thing. All of that is between you and God and no one else.

Keep in mind my adult daughter took this thing too so I’ve lost in this war as well. All I can do is keep praying for her because at this point as she no longer talks to me. If that’s you too you are not alone. As believers we need to understand that we are in a war, both spiritual and physical and we are going to take casualties in that war. Take heart and stand firm, pray for one another so that we may all stand. Watch you; stand firm in the faith; act like men; be strong. 1 Corinthians 16:13

God bless you all and stay ready! Prayed up and prepped up at all times!


  • My whole family has disowned me for speaking up about this, I won’t stop, The truth is too important in this deceptive time, it cannot be taken as a small matter or lightly and IDC if the churches are being ignorant, someone has to speak up.

    • As Chad says, there is persecution and push back if you are a true believer and follower of Jesus Christ. Many decades ago I would read what Jesus said about denying even family to follow Him and I would wonder at this… but now in these days it is clear. We Love our families but will our families reject us? There is some comfort in knowing the Truth and the revelation of these last days as God has told us in His Word.

      • what is family? most society grew up in disfuntional homes one kind or another, we all got our cross to bear, and more than enough on our own plates, everyday. once you know whats goin on, then you are aware.when you got saved, for real, by grace of god, was your so called family, with you? no., he calls out we need to understand this,i have no children so , i cannot comment on that, never wanted any, saw it for what it was, long ago., life is too hard already, they make it that way, waay before all this crap., any loved ones you truly got, close to you, and already know too, , , thats gods blessing to us, , or wed give up,

  • Thanks for all your time and effort. So sad, that so many are blind to what’s obvious to others

  • Greetings from Japan and Blessings to all.
    We must all speak up its our duty to help the masses we must keep doing our best in redpilling the lost in the Lord Jesus Christ name AMEN!!,

  • Let us believe in Jesus because is coming soon

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