There sure is a TON of fakery going on these days, including those who we think we can trust but as it turns out we cannot. I’m not making any individual judgements or condemnations but people’s actions and affiliations can show us what we need to know about them. As they say “birds of a feather stick together”. All of these folks sure appear to stick together.

Hugo Talks put together some excellent videos on this subject and I spliced them together and did some commentary on some of it. In this video you will see all of these doctors and lawyers and their affiliations with Trump, the UN, Lucis Trust and the New Age Movement. Yes, a few of them had me fooled as well but thank God they’re being exposed for what they most likely are, wolves in sheeps clothing.

Bitchute Version CLICK HERE!

Here is the Twitter thread I was shown and where I spliced this all together.

As I said in my commentary I am not condemning anyone here I’m just pointing out some very important contradictions and affiliations we all need to be aware of because of the times we live in. Time is so precious and short and we certainly don’t need to be distracted by charlatans and deceivers. God bless and stay PRAYED UP AND PREPPED UP!

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  • I was deceived by these doctors as well but GOD is opening our eyes right on time, I still won’t get the jab that’s for sure.
    Thanks brother Johnny and GOD bless you and your family.
    Brother R.J.

  • Thank you so much for this video! Pastor JD Farag did his bible prophecy update on these new agers. I was shocked. But he didn’t go into detail like you did. I was taken in and put their videos on all my platforms! Never again!!! It’s gotten to the point that we just don’t know who to trust. Do I trust this video? Well, I’d rather be safe than sorry so I will not trust those doctors again. They may be good and they may be bad as well but I will no longer post their videos. I did hear that Trump was a life long anti vaxxer until this covid farce started. So, when an anti vaxxer suddenly became a pro vaxxer, I knew something was wrong. I jumped off the Trump train right then and haven’t been back. I’m not trusting anyone again!

    • You’re welcome and the credit goes to Hugo Talks for putting it out there and connecting the dots! It’s hard knowing we were fooled but I’m also grateful it’s been revealed to us before it went any farther. As for me and this website I’m just one born again believer who is trying to uncover the truth but it’s not easy. That being said I will always try my best and I will correct myself when I’m wrong or when I’ve been misled.

  • Oh my GOSH! This really scared me because I was believing some of these weirdos!!! Some of them I was wise to early….but Dr Martin, McCullough, Reiner and Ardis had me fooled!
    Johnny, you have no idea how that scares me. I pray constantly not to be deceived…”Please Lord, Don’t let me be deceived ” …I was deceived. I better pray hardest. 🙏 It’s soooo hard here as nobody else around here has eyes to see. It gets so lonely and scary 🙏 I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you putting this out! Bless you my dear brother 🙏

  • Gilbert Sanchez

    Awesome job Johnny , I come here everyday Johnny. with or without you and all I can say is thank you brother . I love you dude ….

  • Lyubomyr Ivasiv

    This actually all makes perfect sense once you view it from the right angle. Since Trump is the AC or “in place of Christ”, he is being setup as the savior. I too trusted Ardis & others, but it seems what they are saying is true. All of them are like chess pieces in place to save the day. The jab is poison & they’re to expose it. I think Trump will in the end flip on the jab & claim he was deceived/poisoned too, double up on the believe me front. They’re most or all on the inside, fed what & how to expose, becoming heroes that lead to the planned place & outcome. Its the greatest villain & hero movie, though they are controlled by the same source, setup so the heroes appear to defeat the villains while achieving the main objective of taking society a certain place. That place being New Age/satanism, digital IDs, digital currency. Just general full digital control where you own nothing & they know & control everything about you, masked by some retarded “Age of Love jingle” to pacify the masses.

  • Holy Toledo!!!!! Johnny, you r always 10 steps ahead~thank you!!!

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