War and Rumors Update! 4-24-22

Today’s video report will address Israel, Russia and Ukraine.

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  • Brother Johnny, you probably already know this but there’s a way to suppress the negative radiation coming from the smart meters, an aluminum mesh on the front so it can still send it’s signals and wrapped around the sides with aluminum foil and fastened with a metal fastener or duck tape, there are a lot of videos in YouTube about it.
    GOD bless you and your family!
    Brother R.J.

  • Jeffrey R Rocker

    Johnny thanks for the update. I read the above 1st comment. I remember when they switched my analog meter to a wireless meter. I called Ameren Illinois, and requested they put my analog meter back. They told me it would be a extra $40.00 amonth. Saying they’d have to send someone out on foot to read it. I had a shield up on left side (facing my room) idk if it really worked? God bless you and yours -Rock.

  • Stephen M Secord

    Hey Johnny, I served for 20 in the CF and from 2014 to when I retired I followed the conflict in the Donbas. From the riots in Kiev to the downing of the passenger plane I followed closely. Not to mention I knew people who went to Ukraine to help train soldiers! I never thought too much about it then as I was too close to the machine to see it all. I wan’t awake then either. Now, my masseuse has a sister who is an int officer training soldiers in Ukraine for the CF… Yet no one will look listen or think about what we are doing.. I’m so glad and thankful of people like you who fight the tide of conformity with all their fibre.

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