Russian MOD Tells the World about a new FALSE FLAG Attack that Ukraine had Planned and More

The war in Ukraine has become as much of an information war as it is war on the ground. New highly detailed intel from Russia has come out regarding a new false flag provocation that Ukraine and the west were planning. Basically it was going to be another staged “massacre” of Ukrainian civilians using bodies from the morgue, dead Russian POWs (to show it was Russia who did it) and the works.

Also the missile that hit a train station in Kramatorsk Ukraine has a serial number that the mainstream press must have missed. That serial number that is clearly shown in the picture shows that the missile came from UKRAINE, NOT RUSSIA! Here are those photos.

The Western Journalists Missed it
With the Serial Number Report

Below is my video report on the war along with the sources used. In this report I’m also including CHINESE TROOPS in SERBIA and more! Things are developing fast so stay ready!

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