RUMORS OF WAR as Numerous Reports Surface of US Army General CAPTURED by the Russians in Mariupol!

view of operating room

I also have other important war news (including WAR CRIMES) in the video below that WE CANNOT SPEAK ABOUT ON YOUTUBE! If these rumors prove to be true then it would be a major development in this war on the political front as well as the war front!

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  • Great Live brother. Great to have you back.

  • But you don’t understand. Biden promised no troops in Ukraine so the general couldn’t have been there. HEHEHE his words are so full of lies.

  • I stand with humanity. As long as President Putin stopped ethnic cleansing and I support that. Bocha had been real there would’ve been a security council at the UN Headquarters in New York. But no! Russia requested a meeting and was denied. UK apparently they didn’t believe there was a need.

  • Just found your page. Awesome work, many thanks! Keep up the good work. God points a finger at Zelensky in Luke14:31-32. All the blood spilled in Ukraine is on his hands.

  • Just found the site too. Good work. I was able to google the greek news site and find it. And to the one who posted how we just don’t understand, Biden promised no troops in Ukraine, if you’re dumb enough to believe anything coming from Biden or the Ukranians, then you’re beyond help. As far as this whole Ukraine affair, I wish we’d stay out of it. It does not benefit us to get involved, it can only lead to war with Russia, and no one will win that. The Butcha thing, it was real, yes, but as to who did it, until we get a proper independent homicide investigation done by a neutral country such as Mexico, Israel, or India, for example, we’ll never know what really happened. Though from all I’ve seen and heard, I’m leaning toward it being a very badly done fals flag operation carried out by the Ukrainians. The first question to ask is qui bono? Keep up the good work and i pray that you are wrong about this, but it looks like you’re not

  • Just found your site…it’s now on my reading list.

  • Wiki says his date of death.. 28/3/2022 in Mariupal. But check the edited dates on it.

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