For by thy SORCERIES Were all Nations Deceived…

That scripture is the last part of Rev. 18:23 and now we are beginning to see how deadly this vaccine really is and anyone who survives it will be marked as part of this world and it’s ruler. Of course it will be required if you want to participate in the New World Order that is coming.

A few weeks ago The Holy Spirit shared this with me while I was in prayer. “They (even Gods people) followed their religion of science instead of listening to me and following me” He then reminded me of John 5: 43 where Jesus said “I have come in my Father’s name, and you do not receive me. If another comes in his own name, you will receive him.” Think of how everyone worshipped Dr. Fauci when this began 2 years ago and then you’ll understand what He meant by that. They all accepted Fauci and his “science” while rejecting any and all other advice because of censorship and the media lying nonstop.

What blows me away is how these same people will tell you that no, media cannot be trusted and yet they will trust them when it comes to all things Covid or now the Ukrainian war with Russia. People truly do want their ears tickled (see 2nd Timothy 4:3) and not just about scriptures but about EVERYTHING. Today we live in a world of “confirm my bias or else I will scream and cause a scene” and we saw it begin in earnest after the 2016 election when Hillary supporters needed “safe spaces” after the results came out.

Here is a video from Tucker Carlson on Fox News as journalist Alex Barenson points out how dangerous these shots are in this short segment. I’m trying to track down the entire interview but for now this is what we have.

Then there was this Senator from Australia calling the jabs GENOCIDE!

God bless you all and stay ready! Things are about to get very ugly on a lot of fronts!

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  • Did you notice ” “”The Israelites say ” ” …in the video??
    Interesting Don’t Ya Think πŸ€”
    Green Work Brother πŸ’―β€οΈπŸ™πŸ‘..

  • one day at a time,as far as irealites, well, we know jesus words, those who call themselves jews but are not, , in this country, , the judeo christian churches, politicians, religiuos, from the beginning, america, founded on lies, before george washington., ok, so we know some of us, one day at a time, , grace of god alone, , no church doctrines, , theier are no modern day prophecies, , for he already told it, but, religion, manmade, had to change it, to fit, itchy ears, , politics and religion, moreover, satans, fallen world, , by grace of god alone, in this always was fallen wicked world, one day at a time.,, question everything, always, especilaly, about gods holy words, as pertaining to us, no matter what the questions and subject matter, god help us all. the whole world lies in deciet, according to the bible, indeed, it does.. dont get too comfortable, in modern day babylon, america, this is for all of us.but dont fear niether, he ll make a way, god bless you all.

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