Not Only are Food Prices are Skyrocketing, Food Itself is about to be SCARCE!

Even sleepy Joe has admitted that food scarcity is about to become a very real thing here in America! It’s not just “over there” anymore!

Next let’s look at South Africa where farmers are in a PANIC over a massive locust infestation that’s happening right now! Let’s look at how bad it truly is with this video I found.

WOW look at the ground move and listen to the noise!

According to Agri SA, this is one of the biggest locust swarms in years and, with the assistance of donors and the Department of Agriculture, farmers are trying everything to save their land and food.

Farmers in the Northern Cape, Western Cape and Eastern Cape Karoo are struggling to control the locust swarms that have damaged and consumed thousands of hectares of grazing land.

Northern Cape farmer Barry Naude said the locusts had caused a huge amount of damage to his farm.

“Considering that we just came out of four years of drought and we received our first rains in November last year. In the farms that they have rested on, they have caused absolute mayhem,” he said.

Naude said he had lost the grazing land for his sheep.

“In a couple of weeks, we will go to minus degrees as it is winter, and the veld that has been damaged and now going to winter is a lot. They have eaten tonnes of food and have done a lot of damage to us,” he said.

The locusts arrived at his farm in Richmond in the Northern Cape on Wednesday afternoon and settled there, only flying away on Thursday afternoon.

“They left behind a trail of devastation. This must count as one of the biggest swarms in recent times… it covered an area of about 5,000 hectares… about 10,000 rugby fields,” he said.

10,000 rugby fields. Wow. Check out the rest of the article and videos at the source: Strange Sounds.

China is facing major food production problems as well!

China started stockpiling food commodities back in September of 2020. Back then everyone was wondering why and what may be coming that the rest of the world didn’t see? China has continues this ever since and now the world is starting to see why as a major food crisis is underway.

China’s buying spree of all commodities left many market observers puzzled by Beijing’s stockpiling motives. Now we understand the second-largest economy in the world was forecasting a global catastrophe of widespread famine due to disrupted food supply chains.

Global food supplies were already tight on a post-COVID basis due to snarled supply chains and adverse weather conditions in key growing areas worldwide. The Ukraine invasion by Russia was a shock. It fractured global food supply chains and sent food prices to record highs with the very risk shortages will materialize in emerging market economies dependent on the eastern European country.

Bloomberg cites Tang Renjian, China’s agriculture minister, who warned that last year’s record-breaking floods had sparked “big difficulties” with food production. 

 “China faces big difficulties in food production because of the unusual floods last autumn. 

“Many faming experts and technicians told us that crop conditions this year could be the worst in history,” he said. 

Next, food protectionism may flourish in agricultural-centric countries that want to first satisfy domestic supplies before exporting. This is already beginning and may increase food prices and induce shortages.  Source Zero Hedge

Last but not least is the price of fertilizer as it has GONE THROUGH THE ROOF! Prices for fertilizer (if you can get any at all) has risen by as much as 300%! Add to that rising fuel costs and many farmers just won’t be able to cope! Here is more from The Economic Collapse Blog.

One of the biggest reasons why the outlook for the months ahead is so grim is due to the soaring cost of fertilizer. The American Farm Bureau Federation is telling us that in some cases the price of fertilizer has risen 300 percent…

Fertilizer is a necessity for farmers, allowing them to achieve the high yields needed to meet demand and keep their operations afloat. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, fertilizer costs have risen as much as 300% in some areas — adding significant pressure to farmers’ pocketbooks.

As global energy prices continue to go higher, so will the price of fertilizer.

And now the war in Ukraine threatens to make things even worse, because Russia is such a key exporter of various fertilizers…

In 2021, Russia was the world’s top exporter of nitrogen fertilizers and the second-largest supplier of both potassic and phosphorous fertilizers, according to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization.

Most Americans don’t understand that when we sanction other nations such as Russia we are also sanctioning ourselves.

Folks the 3rd horse is riding and it’s bringing famine and hyper inflation!

I pray that you and yours are PRAYED UP AND PREPPED UP because hard times are here and they’re about to get worse! We are well into the tribulation and time is much shorter than most people realize!

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