Russia Promises to Block Transfer of S300 Weapon Systems to Ukraine

S300 System

Russia has reiterated its threat to target arms shipments to Ukraine, with foreign minister Sergey Lavrov saying Friday that any cargo believed to be carrying weapons are “fair game” while vowing to block the transfer of Soviet-era S-300 air defense systems to Kyiv.

“Any cargo moving into Ukrainian territory which we would believe is carrying weapons would be fair game,” Lavrov said.

Slovakia has said that it is ready to send its S-300 system to Ukraine “immediately” provided that it receives a replacement to protect its own airspace.

Lavrov said that Moscow “will not allow” the S-300 system to be given to Ukraine, calling the transfer of the Soviet-era system “illegal.” He cited intergovernmental agreements and user certificates precluding the transfer of Soviet or Russian-made systems to third countries. Source Epoch Times

Guys this will probably be the way NATO gets dragged into this war with Russia. Russia will see these weapons transfers as an act of war and will probably take out the bases where weapons are being shipped into Romania and Poland, which would of course trigger Article 5 of the NATO charter. Then all NATO countries will have to respond and we could very well see nuclear exchanges begin. Prayed up and prepped up!

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