Dangerous Developments in Ukraine as Estonia Demands No fly zone and Russian Drones Enter Poland/Romania

Just to be clear who I stand with!

As I reported yesterday the nation of Estonia has requested that the UN establish a no fly zone over Ukraine which of course would lead to a direct conflict between NATO and Russia. This will inevitably lead to a nuclear confrontation as Russia won’t be able to overcome NATO in a conventional war and that’s why we are seeing more politicians come out and say that nuclear war is now a distinct possibility.

Even the UN Sec. General chimed in by saying “Raising the alert of Russian nuclear forces is a bone-chilling development,” Guterres said while addressing media on Monday in New York. “The prospect of nuclear conflict, once unthinkable, is now back within the realm of possibility.”

As for the No Fly Zone over Ukraine

For more on that we turn to the website warnews247 in Greece. I have translated parts of it using Google translate for your convenience.

Russian sources say “the decision on the No-Flight Zone has been taken and the US is just waiting for a ‘false flag’ operation to be launched to implement their plan.”

At the same time, US Senator Lindsey Graham announced that he would support a NATO No-Flight Zone over Ukraine ” if Putin uses chemical weapons.”

“I’m in. I do not want boots on the ground yet, nor a flight belt. “But if there are chemical weapons used by Putin, this is a war crime, then I support a no-fly zone, ” Graham told Fox News.

“In my eyes, Putin is a threat to humanity, he is a war criminal and his own people must take him out, ” Graham said.

Recall as revealed yesterday by WarNews247, and other Senators appeared willing to support a No-Flight Zone.

Poland already considers the bombing of Yavorin a “Russian challenge to NATO.”

Russian Drones entered Poland-Romania

At the same time, a Russian Forpost drone entered Polish airspace. It is the third incident as Russian drones had entered Romania and Croatia in the previous days.

According to Polish and Ukrainian sources, the “Russian drone was monitoring the area in Yavoriv. He had been spotted circling the training center apparently studying the aftermath of a rocket attack in the Lviv region.

Immediately afterwards, for unknown reasons, he crossed the Ukrainian-Polish border and entered the Polish Airspace.

“Then he returned to Ukrainian airspace where he was shot down by the Ukrainian air defense.”

“The Russians are taking provocative action without hesitation by flying into the airspace of NATO member states,” military sources said.

Yesterday, another Russian drone “Orlan-10” entered 100 km south of the border with Ukraine into Romanian airspace.

Earlier, Croatian Defense Minister Mario Banozic said a military drone, which flew out of Ukraine’s battle zone over three European NATO members before falling into the Croatian capital’s urban area, had detonated an explosive device.

Meanwhile, an emergency meeting of NATO Defense Ministers was announced earlier by the Turkish Defense Ministry. According to the announcement, the summit will be of an urgent nature and will take place on Wednesday, March 16, to discuss, of course, the war in Ukraine.

There are strong rumors that NATO will take additional military action. Source click here.


Hal Turner has been reporting that a couple of things may happen soon regarding Russian sanctions and actual war with NATO. First there would be a COMPLETE EMBARGO between the USA and Russia. No goods or services of any kind would be exchanged. Second there would be a restriction of all Russian vessels from using the Panama Canal or the Strait of Gibraltar.

I put the second part in bold because if Russian warships were blocked, say in the Strait of Gibraltar Russia may start shooting and then it’s on. Of course doing these types of things are acts of war by any definition (so are sanctions) and Russia will have to strike back which is the idea. The powers that be want and need a big war to throw everything into chaos and despair. Then they will attempt to establish their New World Order out of the ashes. God has other plans of course but in their arrogance they believe they can win.

So as Hal and others have been saying, expect the mainstream media to keep insisting on “severe sanctions” over the next week or so. With the emergency meeting of NATO happening in Turkey on the 16th of March, I would expect things to escalate dramatically sooner rather than later. Prayed up and prepped up!

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