Russia to Send 30,000 Foreign Fighters to Ukraine

It appears Russia has learned how to use proxies in their wars just like the USA, Israel and NATO nations have done in Syria for the last 11 years. This is from warnews247 and translated from Greek for your convenience.

Article writer: Vassilis Kapoulas

A very bad development not only for Ukraine but for the whole of Europe is the pre-planned decision of the President of Russia, V. Putin, to send not 16,000 mercenaries as originally mentioned but 30,000 foreign fighters to Ukraine.

This announcement coincides with the rumored involvement of the Belarusian Army in Ukraine.

Mr Lukashenko went to Moscow for an emergency meeting with Mr Putin, stressing that “Ukraine was planning to attack Belarus”. US intelligence services expect Belarus to launch military operations in the next 24-48 hours.

Afghanistan in the “heart” of Europe
Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched a broader plan to create an “Afghanistan” in the “heart” of Europe.

Russia, in close cooperation and consultation with Syria and especially Iran, is sending 30,000 mercenaries from Middle Eastern and African countries.

It is widely reported that the Russian Army is forming militias of mercenaries from Syria, Iran-Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan-Somalia, the Central African Republic and other African countries.

The first goal is the clearing of areas, just as was done in Syria, in areas such as Kharkiv, Nikolaev, Odessa.

The second goal is to hit the European states, mainly Poland, but also the Baltic states.

The mercenaries will not be limited to occupying the Ukrainian capital and major cities, but the Russian hybrid plan calls for violence, anarchy and destabilization of European NATO states.

Putin to S. Soingou: Send mercenaries
Russian President Vladimir Putin has given the ‘green light’ for sending volunteers to Ukraine. He called on the Russian General Staff to facilitate the passage of foreign mercenaries who want to help the people of Donbas.

In fact, the Russians released the video of Putin’s conversation with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

The Russian YPAM, S. Soigou, said specifically:

“Today, more than 16,000 volunteers from Middle Eastern countries are ready to help Donbas liberate its territories and protect its civilian population.

Everything is going according to plan, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich

Putin responded by saying:

“I agree with the idea of ​​transferring volunteers to Donbass. It is necessary to help them reach the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk.

It is noteworthy that the western sponsors of Ukraine do not hide the recruitment of mercenaries against the Russian Army. They do so openly by rejecting the rules of international law.

“If you see that there are people who want to volunteer, and especially without money, to come and help the people of Donbass, we have to meet them in the middle and help them get to the War Zone.”

Mercenaries from Syria are already celebrating the Russian decision as they say “they will fight again for the Russian Army. So for the Victory ”!

At the same time, the Russian company PMC Wagner is preparing mercenaries from African countries, especially Somalia and the Central African Republic.

Hundreds of mercenaries have expressed their readiness to fight on the side of the Russians in Ukraine against the “Ukrainian nationalism” and the “Nazi Front” as they characteristically state.

Very bad development for Ukraine and with an ideological background for the Russians…

This is serious and everything is lining up for WW3 as I’m typing this out. As you can see mercenaries from around the world are joining in this fight, this time on the Russian side. There are already thousands volunteering on the Ukrainian side of things. A lot of those “volunteers” are from NATO nations including the UK and USA.

Prayed up and prepped up! This could go nuclear at any time, especially if Russia keeps losing troops to NATO recon aircraft and weapons. Some counts are saying that up to 6,000 Russians have died in this war already and that double that number are wounded. That is how deadly modern warfare really is and once the battlefield nukes start to fly, all bets are off. The video I put up about a nuclear war and the outcome is posted below.

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