Spectroscopy analysis reveals 99.5% graphene oxide in Moderna vaccination vial

Graphene Oxide in Saline Solutions Since 2012???

This is huge and it’s almost a year old. This research shows us that the so called “vaccines” are made up almost entirely of graphene oxide! From Orwell.city.

Yesterday we learned that Argentine researchers have analyzed a vial of Moderna’s vaccine and also found graphene oxide in it. And also 99.5% by spectroscopy. This is news in progress, and as soon as there’s more Orwell City will share it.

We have reached a point in science where we have to rethink everything we knew and get the idea that we have been fooled in many ways. Many things that we thought were true, such as the existence of the fashionable virus, such as the innocuousness of vaccines, are nothing more than a tall tale. Literally.

Below, Orwell City offers part of the interview in which Dr. José Luis Sevillano explains everything that has been exposed here as a summary.

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Dr. José Luis Sevillano: I want to tell you that, in this matter of the disease, today we must rethink the present as Descartes did in his time with philosophy. That’s to say, we have to start from zero. The new mental coordinates to move forward in knowledge are based on the fact that the biological version is actually false wherever it comes from, whoever defends it. Whether it is the officialdom that the government defends so much. We don’t care who defends it. It’s false. But it’s false for one simple reason: because there’re hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of people in the world who have a magnetic arm after vaccination. And that, that has completely broken everything that’s been seen so far in this story. 

And it’s so serious and of such a magnitude this phenomenon… It’s a precious phenomenon, from a medical-scientific point of view, to study. It’s exciting, and curiously, the officialdom doesn’t echo it. What makes us see, clearly, that this phenomenon completely breaks with the official version. It completely leaves in the gutter any explanation of what is happening right now in reality at any level. Both at the level of vaccination results, health measures, political measures… In other words, everything we’re seeing right now is a fake operation. 

There is no virus here

Source orwell.city

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