Russia Blames NATO Directly for Hundreds of Troops Losses in Ukraine


On the brink of regional and even global conflict, the planet is centered on Ukraine. Russia has issued a statement blaming Poland and other NATO countries for the deaths of hundreds of Russian soldiers.

According to Russian intelligence analysts, this was exactly the reason for the activation of Russia’s Nuclear Strategic Prevention Forces.

“The United States and Britain are now engaged in active military operations against the Russian Army. US-Britain are constantly waging an electronic war against Russian forces.

“The Americans are not just directing the Ukrainian forces against us in real time, providing them with targets and coordinates, but there are suspicions that some of the blows we have received and caused casualties are coming directly from US forces,” said senior Russian analysts. My video report is below.

On the Brink Story

Russian Military Draft Story

Ukraine Using NATO Aircraft

Weapons Smuggling to Ukraine

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  • The Mainstream News is All the Exact Same And Most are Verbatim Information 💯
    Yet, Social Media has Flooded “” News Stories ” Are All Over the Place ( With Half Truth Or No Truth ) ) Information 💯 As I’m Absolutely Sure You are Already Aware of….
    Right now, I’ve Only Seen a Couple of Independent Reporting and They Are Trying to Give Truth , On the Ground
    And I’ve Been Sick and Tired of The ” Many ” ….. Verbatim And Morons Outright Junkyard Information 💯
    So, I Always Come here for Factual , True, And Documented Great Information ℹ️
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