The Invasion of Kiev Has Begun, the Convoy of Russian Military gear is 67KM (41 MILES) LONG!

This has to be seen to be believed! Look at the length of this Russian Military convoy.

Here is more from warnews 247, translated from Greek for your convenience. My video report from today is also just below.

A new second wave of large-scale military offensive by US officials predicts that it will likely be able to reduce the resistance of Ukrainian forces, while expressing fears of tragic civil war in the capital Kyiv.

More specifically, US government officials warned US lawmakers during a secret briefing Monday that a second wave of large Russian troops was likely to consolidate the country’s positions inside Ukraine and overcome the Ukrainian resistance, according to two figures. who are aware of the updates.

Tragic scenes in Kyiv

“This piece was disappointing ,” a lawmaker told CNN.

Officials also said Russia was likely to besiege Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, and predicted tragic civil war scenes, said one source familiar with the matter.

Huge military convoy

The news spread earlier by the American company Maxar Technologies about the size of the military convoy that has approached the suburbs of Kiev, confirms the above estimates of the USA.

In particular, Maxar said that the Russian convoy reaches a length of about 67 kilometers and consists of armored vehicles, tanks, trailers and other logistics vehicles, while it is located near the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.

This American company has been monitoring the movements of Russian troops for weeks.

New satellite images released show that the Russian military convoy that arrived on the outskirts of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is even larger than previously broadcast.

And according to its latest announcement, the length of the Russian convoy reaches 67 kilometers, in contrast to the 27 kilometers that the company had announced earlier on Monday . The difference is due to the collection and analysis of new satellite images, Maxar explained.

On a tightrope

Meanwhile, the war situation on the Ukrainian front is acrobatic on a tightrope as Kyiv and Moscow have completed the first round of consultations and agreed to return to the negotiating table in the coming days.

At the end of the talks, powerful explosions rocked Kyiv, while Russia has been pounding Kharkov, Mariupol and other cities relentlessly since this morning, with Ukraine talking about dozens of dead and President Zelensky signing the application for membership in Europe. Join.

Russian Shock and Awe

“Hard answer”

Russian President Vladimir Putin also warned the European Union of a “tough response” to its decision to send heavy weapons to Ukraine.

According to Reuters, Moscow says meaningfully that countries that send military equipment to Ukraine will be held responsible if the equipment is used during the Russian campaign.

At the same time, as reported by TASS, Russia emphasizes that “the EU moves will not be left without a tough response.”

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