The Best Advice I have ever been Given on Trolls and Comments

It comes from a subscriber who sends me a ton of links and information. She gave me the best advice and insight that I have ever received when it comes to the trolls in the comment sections.

Why don’t you stop allowing comments from now on. Your website and your videos are about keeping people updated and giving your thoughts about it. Its not about their thoughts. They can start their own website and do their own videos. Too many people spend their time reviewing the efforts of others just so they can point out the 2% they disagree with and ignoring the 98% they can agree with. Their motivation is evil.

Yes sometimes it is evil. James 3:16 says it this way: For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.

There will be no more strife in my comment sections. They are now turned off. God bless



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