Government Study provides Evidence For a Connection Between Covid-19 and Radio Frequency Radiation INCLUDING 5G!!!

5G Makes Corona much Worse!

I got inspired to research the side effects of 5G radiation because of the health issues it’s causing all over the USA since it was activated in January 2022. More and more people (including people I know) are reporting nausea, migraines, nose bleeds, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and last but not least CORONAVIRUS SYMPTOMS! Now I’ve come across a GOVERNMENT STUDY showing the correlation between severe covid symptoms and the activation status of 5G, particularly in Wuhan China where we saw people falling out and having blood come out of their ears, eyes and nose.

Little did I know how much information I would stumble into this morning. I have put it together in a video below and as always I will provide the links to the study and source material.

One statement that stands out from the study itself is this one. Relevance for patients: In short, WCR has become a ubiquitous environmental stressor that we propose may have contributed to adverse health outcomes of patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 and increased the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, we recommend that all people, particularly those suffering from SARS-CoV-2 infection, reduce their exposure to WCR as much as reasonably achievable until further research better clarifies the systemic health effects associated with chronic WCR exposure.

Keep in mind this is a US GOVERNMENT FUNDED STUDY done by the very organization that is headed up by Dr. Fauci. Yet no mention of this study by anyone in the government including Rand Paul. Once again the media covers this up by labeling everyone a “conspiracy nut job” if they dare to bring up the subject. Meanwhile the evidence is right there hiding in plain sight. Please share this with everyone you know!

Study on 5G and Covid

5G causing illnesses

Govt. Study on 5G

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  • And Look at all the ” Purple Lights”‘ Going up Nationwide and actually Worldwide!!!
    And ” One Company” makes All of Them!!
    There’s So Much More Taking Place Right Now Than People Realize and Nobody is Asking Questions about it…
    Thank You for keeping us informed and updated brother 🙏

  • My husband gets headaches, ringing in his ears and I get nausea badly, feel tired all the time, and if I go into a Walmart for anything it makes me feel awful for a day or so.. Everything has gotten way worse since moving into an appointment with a smart meter.. We got rid of WiFi last year.. Just our cheap phones but in our kitchen we pick up WiFi signals from 5-6 different routers.. Moving back out into no man’s land.. It’s not worth feeling this awful.. I’m in a wheelchair so I don’t get to have my feet on the ground often.. Johnny you know 4g and 5g actually cause diabetes.. My husband did all this research years go when 4g came out.. Also cell phone radiation will cause cancer if you keep your phone in your pockets..

  • Does anyone know how far the radiation travels from these towers? I’ve been looking for this information and can’t find it. Thank you, Johnny, and God bless Paul and everyone else suffering from this horror.

  • Johnny thank you for what you do, I really appreciate the research you do. I’ve been having bad ringing in my ears also, for the last month. Having a headache every day. May I ask what you have been doing to try and stop the problem?

    • I pray for the full armor of God daily, for spiritual attacks AND electronic attacks. It seems to work very well and if it starts getting to me I will shut everything down and walk away for awhile.

  • Nancy Darlene Anderson

    I too have been experiencing a pulsation in my left ear every time my heart beats and have had trouble sleeping for years since have been using a mobile phone especially in the last 12 years. Experience dizziness too. I suspected for awhile that it was due to WCR.

  • As a targeted individual over decades I’ve overcome these problems by discovering marijuana use and praising our Creator from my heart counteracts the negative frequencies. Our hearts are 4000 times 💪 than our brains electromagnetically.

  • I’ve been getting skin rashes all over. Thought at first it was dry skin, but nothing helps. It’s a red rash. Funny too, it started after they switched on the 5G. I dont have 5G on my phone but we have a WiFi router that had it in it. I wont use it. Not sure if it causes priblems or not?

  • I was under the impression they haven’t activated the millimeter waves on the 5G towers yet? I know that @60 Ghz millimeter waves disrupt the orbital spin properties of oxygen ,thus making it harder to breathe. I obtained this info from Fullerton Informer on YouTube. He has a lot of good info and it’s factual. Yeah you are right,the millimeter waves can’t go through cardboard,and they don’t have the ability to travel far.

  • Funny, ironic I thought the same thing about Wuhan when I saw them dropping yet we didn’t have peeps dropping. I thought they cranked it up to kill a few of their own aging society. There were 50 million? Phones turned in or the lines disconnected (I think that is a good baseline of how many died there)
    Do you remember when it broke loose in 2019/2020 n Pompeo said “we are in a live exercise” (ex USAF here n that means it’s not training but real) then Trump said softly “you should have told us” I am beginning to think the USA was not ready for 5g to go live but China being the golden chosen to lead into this communist NWO were told to pull the trigger, thus why it was a push to get 5g up n running. While we were asleep in lockdown they were busy installing in schools, offices, etc…again why the first year 2020 we didn’t see personally that many peeps sick but in 2021 I knew LOTS of people sick plus they took the jab and many dead now. It all makes sense they go hand in hand.
    Now my symptoms are (ranked according to the most to the least frequent) headaches, blurred vision, vibration feeling, tinnitus, burning sensation holding phone (4g), tiredness, labored breathing (any physical activity), n vertigo (4x in last 2 yrs).
    I know that when I am in my metal camper that is parked in my metal pole barn the phone does not get signal. I sleep n feel good.
    Oh one more thing Klaus S. said in one of his crazy looney conversations that we will have technology in our clothes then in our bodies. When the say they are working on it, trust me it’s already here! I have proof. I have video of a high visible yellow sweatshirt that I pulled fibers off, viewed under microscope with a blacklist that it literally follows my finger….email me I will send it.
    The technology is already in our clothes.
    I think that we are dealing with non human entities because I would NEVER treat, act or behave in this manner to God’s peoples. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Hard to imagine such evil could exist.

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