Frontline areas evacuated in Donbass, USA warns of “Catastrophic” War!

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Rapid developments are taking place in Donbas as the Russian-speaking military leadership has ordered the immediate evacuation of areas close to the line of contact with the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 

This is the first time since 2014 that such an order has been given!

It is worth noting that Western media have already arrived in the Ukrainian-controlled part of Donbas.

At the same time, top US ministers, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of State, the US Ambassador to the UN and President Biden himself are warning of an impending “catastrophic war.”

The British Ministry of Defense made an unusual move as it warns of a Russian invasion of Ukraine without warning and even shows the “possible axes of Putin’s invasion”.

The Polish Interior Minister reiterated that his country is preparing to accept 1 million refugees, while the US Secretary of State, A. Blinken, stressed that Kiev is a target of Russia.

It is important to note that the Norwegian Minister of Defense, Odd Roger Enoksen, canceled his trip to the Munich Congress and returned to Oslo in a hurry tonight, saying that “he must be available for decisions based on the current situation”.

Areas in Donbas evacuated – Motorized Divisions on standby

Due to the deteriorating situation on the front, the residents living in the suburbs (contact line) were ordered to leave their areas immediately. The first to leave will be residents of the city of Aleksandrovka in Donetsk.

It is followed by the 12,000 inhabitants of Stanitsya Luhanska as well as other front line areas such as Signalnoye, Staromikhaylovka etc.

According to Russian-speakers, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are only hundreds of meters away and the village of Aleksandrovka is under constant fire.

Residents will gather near the school and be transported by bus to the safest place.

According to military sources, not only the western side of Donetsk but also other areas are being evacuated.

At the same time, the Luhansk and Donetsk forces were put on alert while motorized Divisions were advancing towards the line of contact.

The Commander of the Donetsk “Vostok” Unit, Alexander Khodakovsky, asked everyone to be ready to go to the front line of battle.

“Get ready, you have to be ready to go to battle. You will gather in the places we have set up in our previous gatherings,” he told War Veterans.

Information on the evacuation of areas is also on the part of Ukraine. It is rumored that the residents of the Oleksandrivka area were ordered to prepare.

Biden sees Russian invasion of Ukraine

“Every indication we have is that (the Russians) are preparing to invade Ukraine, to attack Ukraine,” Joe Biden told White House accredited reporters.

According to CNN reporter Natasha Bertrand, Biden reportedly said of the invasion that “I feel it will happen in the coming days.”

At the same time, he stressed that he does not plan to have a telephone conversation with Russian President Putin and also stressed that “there is a way” to overcome the crisis through diplomacy.

ΥΠ.ΑΜ. US: Moscow increases blood stocks

The United States says it has seen Russia build up blood supplies, bring troops closer to Ukraine’s border and deploy more fighter jets in the region, according to US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, dismissing Moscow’s allegations. withdrawal.

“I was also a soldier and it has not been long since. “I know firsthand that you do not do such things for no reason ,” said Austin, a retired general.

“And of course you do not if you are ready to pick them up and go home,” he added.

Maxar Technologies, a private US company monitoring Russian military reinforcements, said satellite imagery showed that while Russia had withdrawn some military equipment from areas near Ukraine, other equipment had arrived in those areas.

“We see them bringing more aircraft, fighters and support. “We are seeing them increase their preparedness in the Black Sea, ” Austin said.

“We even see them increase their blood supply.”

Austin also reiterated US warnings of possible provocation by Russia to justify an attack, “something we have seen in the past. That way, we and our allies will remain vigilant. “

“We hope the world is ready”

Meanwhile, a senior White House official said Russia had “increased” the presence of forces on the border with Ukraine by at least “7,000 troops”, calling “false” Moscow’s announcement that it had withdrawn some forces.

“Yesterday the Russians announced that they withdrew troops from the border with Ukraine (…). We now know that this is false.

In fact, we have now confirmed that in recent days Russia has increased its presence along the Ukrainian border by as many as 7,000 troops, some of whom arrived yesterday, “he insisted, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The US official also stressed that Moscow could ” at any time” conduct any operation that would serve as a pretext for an invasion of Ukraine and added:

“Russia says it wants a diplomatic solution, but its actions indicate otherwise.”

“We hope it will change direction before launching a catastrophic war.”

According to the official, the operation to find a pretext can take “different forms”, such as a “challenge” in the Donbass region or an alleged “invasion” of Russian territory.

Noting that he expects “more false news from the Russian state media in the coming days”, the official stressed “we hope the world is ready”.

A. Blinken: Russia is preparing to launch an attack 

For his part, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also warned that Russian forces were preparing to launch an attack on Ukraine “in the coming days”, saying Russia planned to create a pretext for invading its neighbor, which could include a fake or even a chemical weapons attack.

Statements by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to the UN Security Council:

– We have not seen the withdrawal of Russian forces
– Russian forces are preparing an attack on Ukraine in the coming days
– Russia is planning a pretext to justify its attack on Ukraine
– We have information that Russia will attack certain groups of Ukrainians
– In its sights Moscow is also Kiev
– Diplomacy is the only responsible way to resolve the crisis
– The Russian government can simply and clearly announce to the world that it will not invade Ukraine.

Finally, the US ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, stated that Russia is moving towards an “imminent invasion. “This is a critical moment,” he said.

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