AIRSPACE CLOSED! ALL MAJOR AIRLINES Ceasing Flights to Ukraine Monday 2-14-22

The airspace of Ukraine will be completely closed for aircraft.

In less than 24 hours, the airspace of Ukraine will be completely closed for flights of civil aircraft. Data on this subject was provided by the Strana publication, noting that the reason for this is not only the risks of the start of full-scale clashes in Ukraine, but also the fact that British insurance companies sent letters to air carriers stating that, starting from Monday, the insurance coverage in Ukraine and over Ukraine ceases to be valid for any aircraft.

Among other things, foreign air carriers have already begun to refuse flights both to Ukraine and through the airspace of this country. In particular, the night before it became known that the first such air carrier was KLM. Taking into account unofficial data, to date, another 12 foreign air operators are considering refusing to fly in the airspace of Ukraine.

Formally, Ukraine does not close its own airspace, however, flights over Ukraine will be completely stopped at the initiative of the airlines themselves and under pressure from a number of foreign companies.

According to information, airlines will no longer cover flights over Ukraine.

In particular, British insurance companies have banned the movement in the airspace of Ukraine for their customers, including major international airlines.

A message was recently sent that after 48 hours the insurance coverage in Ukraine for any aircraft ceases to be valid. 

The Dutch company KLM announced yesterday that it is suspending, until recently, all flights in Ukrainian airspace. At the same time, the German Lufthansa announced that it is considering suspending its flights.

Ukrainian airline SkyUp was forced to land a leased jet in Chisinau, Moldova today as the Irish owner insisted on not flying over Ukrainian airspace.

This fact was confirmed by the airline itself. The Madeira-Kiev flight had 175 passengers and all were transported by road to Kiev.

In Kiev, they have not yet commented on the current situation. It is expected that air traffic over Ukraine will be completely stopped as early as the middle of the next day and, probably for this reason, citizens of Russia and Belarus are not allowed into the territory of Ukraine, which became known two days ago. Source

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