US Air Force Sent 4 B-52 Bombers to Russia’s Border, F15 Fighters to Patrol Ukraine

B52 Bomber

Four US Air Force strategic bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons were sent to the Russian borders at once.

Contrary to the initial reports that the Pentagon ordered the deployment of two B-52 strategic bombers to Europe, it became known that we are talking about four strategic bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons at once. All four aircraft have already arrived in the UK and are expected to make their first flight to the Russian borders within the next 24 hours.

It is known that B-52 strategic bombers are currently located at Fairford Air Base (UK), however, given last year’s situation, in all likelihood, the bombers will operate in pairs in two directions – north and south. Moreover, it is highly likely that strategic bombers will fly in the coming days in the airspace of Ukraine, having worked out strikes against the Donbass.

A little earlier it became known that Russia blocked several zones of airspace over the Black Sea due to missile launches and firing, but experts believe that this will not stop the United States from committing provocations and trying to disrupt Russian military exercises.

F15 fighter

The US Air Force intends to send its F15 fighters to Ukraine.

The American F-15 fighters stationed at the Polish air base Lask will be involved in Ukraine if necessary. The data on this subject was voiced by the American columnist Thomas Newdick.

According to information available to the news agency, the US Air Force F-15 fighters deployed to Poland are armed with AIM-120 medium-range air-to-air missiles. This probably indicates that the fighters are supposed to be used not for strikes against the Donbass, but for a possible attack on the Russian military, in the event that Russian troops are sent to defend the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass (if Kiev nevertheless decides to attack).

Earlier, the United States completely ruled out its participation in hostilities in the Donbass, however, given the concentration of NATO and US forces in Eastern Europe, such assurances raise a number of doubts, especially given the fact that four American B-52 strategic bombers have been deployed to Europe at once, which, taking into account the available weapons, may well be used for strikes against the self-proclaimed republics. Source

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