Moments Before F-35 Crashed Were Caught on Video

I found this video while doing research on wars and rumors of war around the world. This is video of the F-35 that just crashed near the Parshall Islands in the South China Sea last week. While rumors are swirling as to what actually caused this crash the fact remains that it definitely crashed and now there’s a race on between China and the USA to retrieve the aircraft. From

F35 Final Moments before the crash

American sailors accidentally filmed the moment of the crash of the F-35 fighter.

The incident with the crash of an American fifth-generation F-35 fighter jet in the South China Sea was accidentally filmed on a mobile phone camera of one of the crew members of the aircraft carrier. Video footage made it possible to reveal the cause of the crash of a combat aircraft and, in all likelihood, this fact can very seriously affect the further operation of fifth-generation American combat aircraft.

In the video frames, you can see how the American fighter makes a turn and comes in for a landing. The pilot slowed down too quickly, while the deck was still far enough away and when trying to go on the second run, the fighter engine simply could not develop the required thrust.

It is noteworthy that the version of the failure of the fighter’s systems appeared within a few hours after the incident. Moreover, it was argued that the pilot could have been erroneously transmitted incorrect data on the flight altitude. This also does not rule out interference in the operation of the fighter’s electronic warfare systems, especially since the crash occurred near the Chinese military bases on the Paracel Islands.


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