The United States Has Just Declared its Readiness to START A WAR WITH RUSSIA OVER UKRAINE!

The United States has declared its readiness to participate in the war against Russia over Ukraine.

US Permanent Representative to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield said that the United States of America does not rule out that they will have to fight against Russia in the event of clashes in Ukraine. An unequivocal answer on this matter has not yet been given, however, such a statement is fundamentally at odds with recent statements by Washington, which indicates that the White House has decided to change its point of view.

“We hope that the Russians will respond to our attempts to find a diplomatic solution and de-escalate the situation along the border, and not drag us into the crisis that we are all planning and expecting. If this does not happen, you can expect that if the Russians cross the Ukrainian border or take any aggressive action against Ukraine, we will respond aggressively. They heard it from the President of the United States, they heard it from the Secretary of State, and they heard it from me here in New York. Therefore, we continue to work with them at the diplomatic level. We hope that we will find a diplomatic solution. But if we cannot find a diplomatic solution that leads to de-escalation, we will respond to any action the Russians may take against Ukraine. And they are aware of these activities. They were informed of our plans.We hope we don’t have to go very far.”Linda Thomas-Greenfield said.

The US Ambassador to the UN did not disclose any details, however, apparently, at the moment the situation in Donbass is critical.
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