US State Department: US Citizens and Diplomats to Leave Ukraine ASAP

From Warnews247. Translated from Greek for your convenience. Stay ready, prayed up and prepped up!

Article writer: Vassilis Kapoulas

According to the latest information, the State Department has ordered the families of US diplomatic personnel in Ukraine to start leaving on Monday.

At the same time, the State Department expects American citizens to start leaving Ukraine on “commercial flights” , emphasizing “they must seize the opportunity for as long as they are available”!

A US official stressed that “Russian Su-35 aircraft landed in Belarus, northern Ukraine.

The Pentagon is concerned that the capital of Ukraine is now in the crosshairs of Russian weapons!

The same US sources said that “large quantities of weapons and ammunition will arrive in Ukraine from Monday from US stocks.

These are tons of weapons “

The US embassy in Kiev has asked the State Department to authorize the departure of diplomatic personnel from Ukraine this week, fully confirming yesterday’s information from WarNews247.

The move follows the mobilization of the Russian Fleet and the transfer of Su-35 fighters from the Eastern Military District to Belarus.

Emergency plan with departure of diplomatic staff

According to senior US officials quoted by CNN , the “embassy in Kiev requested the immediate authorization of all non-essential staff and their families to leave.”

The State Department spokesman did not deny the news but said only that “we have nothing to announce at this time.” He also noted that “emergency plans are being drawn up in case the security situation worsens”.

But a source close to the Ukrainian government told CNN that the United States had informed Ukraine that ” it is possible that the evacuation of diplomatic personnel will begin next week. “The families of the diplomats will leave the embassy in Kiev first.”

The same source said that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and told him that “if the departure of the diplomatic staff begins, it will be a dramatic step, a hyper-reaction that does not help.”

A State Department official later said he “could not comment on private discussions, adding that decisions about staff outside the United States are based on a single criterion: the safety and security of Americans.”

In addition, the State Department has already issued a top-level travel directive for Ukraine, telling Americans not to travel to the country and to be aware of reports that Russia is planning significant military action against Ukraine.

On the same issue, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki referred to announcements from the State Department.

Germany sends Mobile Hospital

“Germany will send a campaign hospital to Ukraine,” said Christine Lambrecht, the country’s defense minister. At the same time, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the calls of Kiev for sending military equipment.

“In February, a full campaign hospital will be delivered, including the necessary training, all co-financed by Germany at 5.3 million euros ($ 6.0 million), ” Lambrecht said.

“We are doing what is necessary to de-escalate the situation. We are on the side of Kiev. Weapons deliveries are not helping at the moment. “There is a consensus on this issue in the German government.”

The United States continues to send weapons

At the same time, the United States continues to send military equipment to Ukraine. According to the announcement:

“The first shipment of aid ordered by President Biden arrived in Ukraine tonight.

This mission includes almost 200,000 pounds of lethal aid, including ammunition for Ukraine’s front-line defenders.

“The mission – and $ 2.7 billion since 2014 – demonstrates the United States’ commitment to helping Ukraine strengthen its defenses in the face of growing Russian aggression.”

The US embassy did not disclose what the containers contained. He posted only photos of their arrival at Kiev airport, noting that “this is the first cargo to arrive directly on Biden’s orders.”

From the horses mouth so no, it is NOT fake news!

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