Microchip implanted in your arm could track your Covid vaccine status with just a cell phone scan

This got me BANNED from Twitter indefinitely and it was the main headline on Drudge LOL! These jack holes can’t seem to make up their minds on what’s allowed and who’s allowed to post it. It won’t be long and the only place we’ll be able to post is here. That may be gone soon as well. Here is part of that story from the Sun.

The microchip is the size of a grain of rice and can be embedded under a person’s skin under their arm or between their pointer finger and thumb.

The point of such chips is to eliminate the need to carry key fobs, identification cards, and business cards.

The chips instead will allow people to store that data in addition to passports and medical records.

Sjöblad apparently organized “transplant parties” in 2014 when his employees gathered in fun social settings and embedded chips into their arms.

The procedure is relatively quick and costs about $100.

That being said this microchip isn’t really needed as the nanotechnology built into the vaccines and Bill Gates’ and MIT have the Quantum dot tattoos coming.

Here is more information on the Quantum Dot tattoos from New Atlas.com.

To make sure vaccines work as efficiently as possible, it’s important to keep track of who has had which shots and when, but that’s not always easy, particularly in developing countries. So now, MIT researchers have come up with a creative new solution. A microneedle patch can administer both the vaccine and quantum dots that sit under the skin for years at a time, essentially storing a person’s vaccine history on their own body.

A patient’s vaccination record is important to their health – and that of the community as a whole. Not only does it highlight which shots they still need, but many vaccines require multiple doses at specific intervals in order to work and losing track of that can lead to ineffective treatment. The new method from MIT is designed to change that, with an immediate focus on developing countries.

There you have it, I will let you decide on which technology they’re going to use but let’s not forget that these “vaccines” have self assembling technology already built in and scannable!

And here is another video I found recently that shows us how the jab is most definitely the mark!


I don’t really care about opinion as God’s word is the final authority on the subject. Here is a video on what the Bible says about the mark and what it really is.

Cup of Pharmakea

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