Two strategic missile regiments to go on combat alert in Russia by years end

Tick tock everyone, time is very short. From

MOSCOW, December 17. /TASS/. Two missile regiments armed with Yars intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) will assume combat duty in the Russian Strategic Missile Force by the end of this year, Strategic Missile Force Commander Colonel-General Sergey Karakayev said on Friday.


“We are ending the year 2021 with the effort of placing another missile regiment of the Kozelsk missile formation armed with silo-based Yars missiles and a regiment of the Barnaul missile unit with mobile Yars missile systems on combat alert,” the commander said in an interview with the Defense Ministry’s Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.

The RS-24 Yars is a Russian strategic missile system comprising a mobile or silo-based solid-propellant intercontinental ballistic missile with MIRVed (multiple independently targetable vehicle) warheads. The Yars is a modification of the Topol-M missile system. Russia started deploying Yars ICBM systems from 2009 when the Yars launcher was accepted for experimental combat duty in the Strategic Missile Force.

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