Is China about to Launch a Surprise Attack on the USA? Hypersonic nukes and Containership Weapons Could Help Do Just That!

Container Weapons systems

As tensions between China and the US remain high some are questioning whether or not China is planning a surprise attack, possibly using container ship weapons similar to the one you see pictured above. With all of the container ships off of the US coasts supposedly all awaiting offload, people are beginning to wonder if China has some of these weapons stationed out there ready to use when the order is given.

The other means of a surprise attack from China is a more recent development, hypersonic nukes! These travel in low earth orbit and can evade US radar and anti-missile defense systems. Even the US Joint Chiefs have admitted that China is far ahead of the US in that arena so the chances are high that China may use them to attack BEFORE the US can catch up or develop a defense against them. Here is more on that from the Daily Mail.

China‘s hypersonic space weapons could be used to launch a surprise attack on the US, said vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General John Hyten, who also admitted that Beijing has more advanced hypersonic technology. 

Hyten, the second-highest ranking military officer in the US, revealed that during last summer’s hypersonic weapons test, China sent a missile around the world at more than five times the speed of sound, as reported by CBS News.  

Hyten told the news station: ‘They launched a long-range missile. It went around the world, dropped off a hypersonic glide vehicle that glided all the way back to China, that impacted a target in China’.

He added that also got ‘close enough’ to hitting its intended target, a feat he likened to ‘a Sputnik moment,’ when Russia launched the first manmade satellite into orbit in 1957, catching America by surprise and putting them at the forefront of the space race.

‘From a technology perspective, it’s pretty impressive,’ Hyten told CBS in reference to China’s June 27 around-the-world test. However, he noted that ‘Sputnik created a sense of urgency in the United States, which ‘the test on June 27 did not,’ adding that he thinks it should have and suggesting that DC needed to take the test more seriously. 

But the new technology is reportedly already catching US officials off guard, particularly as the system ‘defies the laws of physics’ and appears superior to anything in the American arsenal. 

As for the container ship weapons possibility, Ill bet you didn’t know that almost every nation has this type of weapons system in play and that in 2019 China was working on them diligently. Here is more on that from SOFREP.

At their simplest, “containerized” weapon systems are really nothing more than weapons built to carry everything they need to function inside a standard shipping container. At their most complex, they combine state of the art tech with existing weapons to create powerful hidden systems. “Containerized” tech is nothing new — many nations including Russia, Israel, China, and the United States have had various “containerized” weapons in their stockpile for years now. But what’s troubling about these systems isn’t their technology, but rather their use potential.

Container Weapon System

The most obvious and valuable use for containerized weapon systems would be enhancing the offensive or defensive capabilities of a large vehicle or static location. Ships with large decks like the Marine Corps‘ amphibious assault vessels or the Navy’s massive carriers could see their on-board suite of weapons bolstered by shipping containers delivered easily by using existing infrastructure. Those weapons could then be deployed, used, and redeployed elsewhere when needed.

However, a secondary and more nefarious use for containerized weapons could be the concealment of missile systems in port cities around the world. China, as an example, has such a massive export enterprise and it’s not at all uncommon for countless container ships carrying thousands of containers from China to be parked in American ports each day. It isn’t logistically feasible to visually inspect each and every container immediately, this leaves the opportunity for containers to be mislabeled intentionally, and potentially create an environment ripe for storing offensive weapons right on American shores.

And there you have it we all have these systems but it appears China, the worlds greatest exporter has the greatest ability to USE these weapons, especially against it’s biggest adversary, the United States. Once WW3 kicks off I think Americans will be shocked to see these Chinese and possibly Russian systems open fire right off of our coastlines!

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