We Have our 2nd Community Guidelines Strike on YouTube

We received another strike the other day so we are off of YT for 2 weeks. I have appealed it but they usually deny them automatically now. UPDATE! The appeal was DENIED on 12-14-21 so we are off for 2 weeks but it wouldn’t surprise me if they strike me again before the suspension is up. HERE IS THE LINK TO OUR BACKUP CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE!

YT’s excuse was that it was medical misinformation based on the WHO guidelines for vaccines. That’s really interesting since nothing in the video or the description mentions vaccines at all, it was about the GMO super soldiers again and had NOTHING to do with vaccines.

From now on all videos and content will be here on the website. No Rumble or Bitchute BS, here on the website. That’s why it’s here and that’s why we expanded it last summer so we could place ALL of our videos here and from now on this is where we will be.


  • They’ve taken My Main channel down and I don’t post anything!! I think it’s because I had Playlists Galore, Showing and Proving what’s really taking place…
    I asked them to give me a definitive explanation of where I Went against Their guidelines and they Won’t give Anything to me about it, Except an automated answer that
    I need to Look at the community guidelines??
    In Other Words…. They won’t Show me Why they Shut it down,… Permanently without Any Explanation!! No Strikes, No Warning ⚠️
    Yt and Google have New guidelines Starting On the 5th. And this happened in October.
    Big Corporations and Tech has taken Any Rights We Thought we had Away Completely….
    When the infrastructure bill was Passed!!!!
    This last B B Butter bill will put the last Nail in The Coffee of Freedoms!!

  • I’m so sick of it but it’s the end times so it shouldn’t surprise us and yet it does.

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